Best Credit Cards for Daily Purchases

Best Credit Cards of 2014


The best credit cards of 2014 can be counted on the fingertips of one hand. And they are meant for money-conscious consumers who want to make smart purchases.

Credit cards often offer rewards for those using them for groceries, gas and other specialized buying decisions. But the best and most economical deals among cards are listed below. They will serve you well and last for a longer time among your cash-savvy consumer arsenal than any other form of smart money:

  1. Discover it: This is a credit card with a difference. By offering at least 5% of the money back to the card user on $1500 purchases, it proves its worth. No yearly costs or charges on crossing the limits will be applicable on the Discover it. And alien exchanges too happen to be free. Furthermore, for a time span of one year and two months there is a zero percent /5/on stuff bought and balance transfers made.
  2. Barclay Arrival World MasterCard:You /4/earn as much as twice on purchases made using this card. A further 10% is guaranteed the more miles you travel. The number of venues you can go to is virtually limitless. And you /4/be the recipient of 40,000 miles of travel facility each time you utilize $3000 of your cash.
  3. Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card: This is truly one of the best credit cards to employ in your purchasing behavioral repertoire in the current year. You will be able to add 6 HHonor Bonus Points for every single buck you spend at a hotel which comes under the Hilton umbrella. For superstore purchases as well as money spent on gas and medicine, you get 3 HHonor Bonus Points. Now isn’t that something!?
  4. Citi ThankYou Premier Card: And last but not least we have this baby. You can own 3 ThankYou Points for each and every buck you spent on dining and amusements. As for plane journeys and hotel stays, you get 2 ThankYou Points. The rest of the things bought will allow you 1 ThankYou Point though. It is a great deal provided you avail it.

These are the best credit cards to use for everyday purchases to use in this spring, ranked by Creditnet. Howevere, below are the best five credit cards you can rely on, in this day and time, have been chosen after reviewing a list of dozens. Read on and choose wisely.   

  1. Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card: This sophisticated deal from American Express is just the thing for you, if you have cash flow. Various percentages of cash-back guarantees exist on this plastic payer. And with introduction 0% APR, it remains in a class of its own. The only condition is that you have to have a hefty bank account if you truly want to benefit from this azure blue and marine white card. 
  2. BankAmericard Cash Rewards Credit Card: Besides being a rewards-oriented scheme, owning one of these costs you next to nothing. And the fact that it comes without expiry allows you to claim your cash anytime you want to. The /5/runs the gamut from about 13% to 23%. Plus you get a hundred bucks worth of cash-back bonus, so you have nothing to lose.
  3. Discover it Credit Card: A mid-range credit card that has no yearly fee, you will be glad to discover that this economic exploration entity comes with a 5% cash-back guarantee. It is an All-American, all-purpose transaction device. And the security you get to enjoy via the “Discover it” card is beyond the ordinary. A no-cost FICO Credit Score ensures you hold the reins of your credit status. 
  4. Capital One Venture One Rewards Credit Card: Ideal for the traveler with itchy feet who just can’t assuage his or her wanderlust, the 30,000 miles worth of airline time will more than satisfy the tourist who selects this golden rectangular partner. And as if this was not enough, hotel stays and limousine service are fringe benefits. Furthermore, there are zero foreign fees for any economic exchanges you make there. 
  5. Citi Simplicity MasterCard: The net zero percentage on /5/makes it an attractive offer you cannot refuse. However, that only lasts for a year and a half. After that 13% to 22% /5/will be applicable to your financial nexus. The really great thing about this one is that there are no penalty payments for delays. And annual fees are non-existent. 

So, these were the top five credit cards of worth and value in the current age of anxiety (and creativity) we are living in. Select one and enjoy the shopping!

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