Beyonce drops new single ‘Die With You’ on 7th wedding anniversary, Tidal-exclusive

Beyonce drops new single 'Die With You' on 7th wedding anniversary, Tidal-exclusive

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Beyonce knows how to market and on Saturday, April 4, she dropped her latest single “Die With You” exclusively on Tidal. But will the move work at convincing fans to move to the Carters’ latest business venture?

Saturday, April 4, 2015 marked Beyoncé and Jay Z’s 7th wedding anniversary. And to celebrate, the “Flawless” singer dropped “Die With You” on the couple’s latest business venture, Tidal.

Beyoncé teased the track on Facebook. In the video, the performer’s playing at a piano. “Cause darling, I wake up just to sleep with you,” croons Beyoncé. “I open my eyes, so I can see with you.”

Backwards baseball cap, messy pigtails, and a Michael Jackson Thriller tee-shirt pop against the abstract art behind the piano. Clearly a homemade video, the idea is to bring the fans into the Carter household and the couple’s lives. Celebrating their love and commitment, along with a very fine display of intimacy.

The 15-second teaser of the new single and video have been carefully crafted to entice a reluctant crowd willing to stay beyond the trial period.

While Tidal’s launch started out bumpy—like the press conference that never explained the full benefits for indie and evolving artists, and not established stars—the push by Beyoncé /4/help boost the company’s numbers. After all, the Texas singer is a known moneymaker, especially when collaborating with rapper-slash-husband Jay Z.

Fan reaction on the page seems to be split, though.

While many support the idea of exclusive content on Tidal, others look at the price for the program as prohibitive.

Streaming sites like Pandora and Spotify offer music free with advertising, so the idea of paying $9.99 per month for lower quality service seems to be a negative. And the $19.99 per month for lossless quality /4/not be necessary for many fans who are younger or broke.

Die With You. Watch the full video on TIDAL.comPosted by Beyoncé on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Even self-proclaimed worshippers of the singer are hesitant to pay for Tidal—in part because the record labels are the gatekeepers preventing performers from earning more returns from streaming sites. Other fans argue that listeners and consumers aren’t entitled to free songs and those that want to pay the subscription cost earned exclusive content.

In the middle of the muddled discussion is radio play. Will “Die With You” be played on the radio? Will the song only exist on Tidal, so that fans without internet connection or in an internet desert not hear new music?

What happens if the song end up on an album eventually, leading to radio play and numbers? Suddenly, the payment service isn’t quite so necessarily. And fans will always find ways to rip the video from Tidal and place it on sites like YouTube, so how long with the song remain exclusive?

Streaming sites like Spotify and Soundcloud opened up doors for artists and labels, but will Tidal’s exclusivity work as a building brand block or will it ultimately fail? If the Beyhive is undecided, what does that mean for the rest of the artists?

Check out “Die With You” on Tidal.

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