Beyonce releases New Single on Tidal to celebrate Wedding Anniversary With Jay Z

Beyonce releases New Single on Tidal to celebrate Wedding Anniversary With Jay Z

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  • Beyonce festively enacts Wedding Anniversary with Hubby Jay Z

The ever-so-bootylicious Beyonce festively enacted her wedding anniversary with hubby Jay Z. She even dedicated a song in his name titled Die With You and she released full video of this new song on Jay Z’s streaming site TIDAL.

It’s been seven long years and they still look like a blushing bride and groom. Beyonce, of Destiny’s Child fame, is a one woman act now and has been known to fight for girl power through her songs. She said recently that she was not bossy but the boss!

Now, that’s what we call class. On her wedding anniversary though she sang a song for her husband Jay Z titled Die With You.

This new single was released on Tidal and was meant to be a surprise for her husband whom she adores and who loves her very much too. These two lovebirds are definitely “Crazy in Love”. 

The song with its flowing melody and rhythm and lyrics sounds like a humongous love note passed beneath the desk to a flame you have a crush on. Words such as “I wake up just to sleep with you” and “I live so I can die with you” show once and for all that Beyonce is dead serious about her significant other and sincere in her intentions too.

The music video features Beyonce seated on a grand piano with a baseball cap on her head as she lets loose the notes and words that will have Jay Z running home to her in a hurry.  

Die With You. Watch the full video on TIDAL.comPosted by Beyoncé on Saturday, April 4, 2015


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