Bill Clinton Defends Foreign Investments in his Foundation

Bill Clinton Defends Foreign Investments in his Foundation

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  • Former US President Bill Clinton defends foreign investments in his foundation

Former US president Bill Clinton has defended the foreign money that has been given to his family foundation that works in Africa.

The Former President of the United States stated that he has no shame or regrets on taking millions of dollars from foreign investors for his family foundation. These foreign donations into his foundation have caused a lot of political problems for his wife Hillary Clinton who is running for the office of the US President.

In a recent interview the former president stated that his charity has never been a part of anything wrong or indulged in any action that is inappropriate. Recently maybe due to pressure, Clinton’s foundation has announced that from now on it will only accept donations from six Western governments. 

The 42nd president stated that he was proud of his foundations activities and work. He stated that there has never been anything like the Clinton Global Initiative as the foundation has risen over $100 billion worth of stuff and has helped 43 million people in 180 different countries.

He explained the ‘Wings to Fly’ program that was started by his foundation and has helped 10,000 poor children in Kenya attend high school. This program has been a huge success with 94 percent of the kids graduating and 98 percent of them going to college. Apart from this the foundation is also involved in a number of different projects such as a vaccination center in Tanzania to an elephant research center in Kenya.

Moreover in Tanzania Clinton and the foundation’s donors visited the Anchor Farm Project which is helping the local farmers to produce huge yields and help them learn new agricultural techniques. Then recently in Nairobi Clinton and his daughter were seen helping a group of children with fitting hearing aids.

Bill Clinton also recently stated that he and his foundation has never taken any kind of donation in order to influence any kind of American government policy. It is also unclear if the new ban on foreign donations along with updating donor lists more frequently will reduce the amount of activities taken by the foundation and will the access of these donors with Hillary Clinton be curtailed.

Bill Clinton also stated that this issue is just a political criticism and he is not at all worried about it. Furthermore the former president stated that he /4/even step down as the president of the foundation if his wife is elected this time. 

Clinton also revealed that his foundation discloses more information about the source of its donations than those of other ex-presidents. When the former president was asked about a series of tax reforms on which his foundation did not list any contributions under a section for donations from foreign donors he stated that it was a mistake on the part of his foundation.

Clinton stated that he was proud of the work he and his family has done through the foundation. He stated that all the hard work and travelling is worth saving so many lives and uplifting the poor. 

Sources: NBC , USAToday

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