Bill Murray Gets Netflix’s Christmas Special

Watch Bill Murray in A Very Murray Christmas on Netflix

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  • Netflix Announces its Christmas Special ‘A Very Murray Christmas’ Featuring Bill Murray
  • Watch First Teaser Trailer Below

Netflix will invite and be joined by Bill Murray for “A Very Murray Christmas” which will come out in December of this year.

The director of the special is none other than that female genius Sofia Coppola. And she along with Bill Murray not to mention Mitch Glazer have also written the script for “A Very Murray Christmas”. 

It is a spoof of the variety show in which Bill is shown worried sick that there will not be a single member of the human species in the audience at his television series due to a blizzard in the Big Apple. 

A Very Murray Christmas, which of course is a play on the words “a very merry Christmas”, shows that ultimately the cultural consumers do come to the show and that the show must go on. The magic of Christmas is shown in the miracle of the various audience members showing up willy nilly.

Among the actors and actresses who will be lending their talented  and hard-won skills /4/be included: George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Chris Rock and Miley Cyrus not to mention many others. 

Bill Murray sure has a lot on his plate with A Very Murray Christmas. /4/he put his best foot forward in the theatrical display when it appears on Netflix around Yuletide in December of 2015.  

Watch below the first official teaser trailer of Netflix’s Christmas special ‘A Very Murray Christmas’ featuring Bill Murray.

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