Bleen Brings Star Wars 3D Hologram Tech To Your Living Room

Bleen brings Star Wars 3D Hologram Tech to Your Living Room


Bleen 3D projection gadget delivers 3D experience without glasses similar to the Star Wars Hologram technology. Can this be real?

Is the Star Wars hologram technology here in the shape of an affordable gadget? A San Francisco-based company in collaboration with eastern European scientists announced the launch of Bleen. Bleen is 3D projection gadget that delivers a 3D experience without glasses. The result looks better than the Star Wars hologram

The Bleen 3D projector has a targeted price point of $800. The company has launched a growdfunding initiative on Indigogo. Their goal is to raise $225,000. So far $12,000 have been contributed over the last couple of days.

“We recognize that we’ve taken on a great challenge, trying to develop one of the most desired technologies. Our ultimate goal is to bring a real consumer product to the market that enables everyone to watch 3D content in spatial quality,” explains Bleen Inc. CEO Bogdan Shevchuk.

Bleen is supposed to work on this hard-to-believe-it’s-true gadget since 2011. The question about Bleen being to good to be true is the first the company answers in their FAQ:

“Although it looks like a future technology, we have proved the concept and are ready to finish the development and create the final marketable product. We’ve got a real chance to finalize the development of a new exciting product that enables everyone to watch 3D content in spatial quality and bring it to the market.”

The Bleen projector need special content that is captured by a special camera system developed by Bleen. Objects can be the size of humans. The technology for the Bleen system is based on patents of a holographic television device from 1979.

Watch the Bleen promo video below.

Bleen aims to release the Bleen projector that comes in two designs: Brith and Rock in October of 2015. Will they succeed? I have no clue. I find growdfunding goal quite low. I cannot believe that this is all that is needed to make Bleen a shippable product, considering they actually solved all major technical issues.

Visit the Indigogo page for Bleen here.

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