Blizzard of 2015 could be the Worst Ever Storm

#Blizzardof2015 could be the Worst Ever Storm

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  • What will be the Security Measures for #blizzardof2015?

The northeastern region of the United States gets ready for the #Blizzardof2015, a cold crisis of winter that is about to hit the area in the upcoming times.

The loci surrounding New York City are about to face the worst storm or rather blizzard of the year 2015. The freezing front is about to bury the region with its onslaught. Over two feet of snow will be on the loose.

It will indeed be hell in the form of icicles and ice crystals not to mention some snowfall that will chill the inhabitants to the bone. The preparations for winter are underway and they include the making of many marijuana cigarettes by a pot farm in the locality.

This will warm and comfort some of the inhabitants who are in no mood to feel the pain of cold temperatures. Then the lengthy queues at the green grocer’s and gas stations also are a sign of the bad times that lie ahead.

Many people are willing to stay inside and begin the cocooning process. They will probably be renting out movies and seeing them on their DVDs.    

Basically, the storm that is headed this way is bound to make NYC go from the Big Apple to Frozen Apple Cider. Thus the preparations are crucial. Nobody wants to be caught off guard.

The humongous blizzard will lead to blocked thoroughfares and people in their vehicles might be left stranded on roads that have piles of snow on them. Thus care is of the essence.

Some security measures are called for and they include several steps that need to be taken to be on the safe side. To be prepared is everything a la the good old Boy Scouts motto.

A spade, sand for grip, wooly jumpers, leg warmers and snow shoes, hats, pemmican or muesli bars are necessary. Then water bottles, a torch, insulating fabric, mobile charger, de-icing agent, cords, tinned or packaged food and last but not least a fuel Zippo lighter will be quite mandatory in such circumstances.

Local residents ought to have a plan chalked out in order to combat any adverse circumstances that crop up. And finally, antifreeze in the form of ethylene glycol is a must-have in such a situation too.

You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. And similarly winter cannot be spent without the compulsory precautions which have to be taken no matter how tough or hardy you /4/happen to be.   

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