Blizzard of 2015 is a Bittersweet Experience to Behold

Blizzard of 2015 is a Bittersweet Experience for Northeast Region

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The blizzard of 2015 is indeed a bittersweet and tragicomic experience to behold. While there were a few casualties in East Cost, there were also good times for the inhabitants of America’s Northeastern region.

The blizzard of 2015 has hit New York and its environs with full force. Already it has proven to be a scourge of Nature upon the culture of mankind. A “Big Apple” teenager has lost his life after a bobsledding accident.

The 17 year old’s death proved to be the first tragedy brought about by the blizzard of 2015. The accident took place in Huntington where the teen was alongside two others and they were taking turns sledding in the snow. His sled hit a pole and he was taken to an emergency department of the nearest hospital where he expired before anything could be done.   

Meanwhile, steps are being taken to shut down entire cities in preparation for the worst snowstorm and natural malaise that is about to hit the area. The food industry which includes several fast food outlets is ready to deliver hot and tasty treats to the homes of its palate junkies.

But the question is whether this is possible since most of the pathways and thoroughfares will be blocked by tons of snow. Among the food spots /4/be included GrubHub and

Already, educational institutes, commercial firms and all travel routes whether by planes, trains or automobiles are being shut down in a hurry. Yet one thing which remains as an all-time high demand is comfort food such as chicken corn soup or macaroni and cheese that melts in your mouth.

GrubHub has links with over 30,000 restaurants spread all over the region. And it was hoping for some lucrative business in such conditions of there being stay-at-home people who craved food in a case of the munchies. Yet despite the obstacles in the form of excess snow the food delivery companies are not to be cowed under.   

Many people have in fact started making the most of an adverse situation. As the saying goes why not make hay while the sun shines! Many teenagers and young adults were seen throwing snowballs at each other and engaging in all sorts of merriment and rollicking fun on the occasion.

There were those who wanted to spread a little gaiety and good will and so they decided to entertain the masses out on the streets. One man wore a suit and dress that made him look like the Statue of Liberty in NYC. This was something new and made many children and adults laugh their heads off.

Coming back to reality, a large truck with a plow in front removed piles upon piles of snow from the streets. Many times images of lone pedestrians were taken as they trudged on home with winter supplies in tow through the awful snowstorm.

There was even a meme that showed the four original Beatles superimposed over the NYC snow conditions in a hilarious spoof of their album with the song “With A Little Help From My Friends”.

Several stars and celebs tweeted their messages. T.J. Holmes said on Twitter that he was stranded and asked anybody even if it was a fan to come on over and help him reach home safe and sound.

Lena Dunham put up a rather dull, drab and droll photograph of herself on Instagram and she appears to be crying in the pic. She explained some of the odd circumstances leading up to that awful look in the image.

Home safe and hoping you are too. Love and warmth to all.

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

As for Justin Bieber, he said to all his millions of fans or “beliebers” that the conditions looked crazy and that they had better be extra careful.

Meanwhile, Nicole Polizzi or Snooki told her well-wishers to stay at home and drink hot cocoa while watching movies.

The star award for the most outrageous tweet goes to Adam J. Kurtz though who said that he was pregnant.

Is such a thing even possible at this stage in our history as a species!? 

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