Bloodline is a New Family Thriller Drama by Netflix

Bloodline is a New Family Thriller Drama by Netflix

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Netflix launches the new family thriller drama Bloodline. The new series revolves around the Rayburn family with Kyle Chandler and Ben Mendlesohn in the lead roles.

Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelman were responsible for the amazing successful series featuring Glenn Close, Damages. They have not yet given up on their brilliant work yet. The trio has launched a brand new series for Netflix. The network is set to launch 13 episodes for the series.

This time the trio has took the action out of the courtroom and brought it to Florida. Instead of the sunny smiling Florida, it would be more of a shady, tropical and grey Florida featuring the story of the Rayburn family.

Robert and Sally Rayburn have stood up a successful resort from their inn business. The couple’s children are grown up and the show starts with the arrival of the eldest son Danny (Ben Mendelsohn) from Miami on a family gathering he had been invited to but not expected to show up. Danny is a drug addict who has a violent history and has a past of mooching from his parents and abusing his siblings. 

So it is natural that his return puts everyone at guard regarding his intentions. Robert and Sally played by Sam Shepard and Sissy Spacek respectively are two old to take care of the business and all expectations go to John (Kyle Chandler) who is the Sheriff of the town and currently investigating the murder of a teenage girl.

Danny’s arrival disturbs John as well and he talks to Danny himself. The next in line is Kevin by Norbert Leo Butz but he is a party boy. He is however alive to family responsibilities and is loyal and protective of them. Linda Cardellini plays the youngest Meg who thinks success is a carnal way to win their parents’ approval. She however is not completely honest with her father’s wishes. 

All the intriguing set up about antagonism towards Danny’s arrival, the response of the children towards each other and their parents has been subtly hinting towards bigger plots that /4/be unraveled with the flashbacks expertly executed. 

The critics have seen 3 episodes and these are too less for them to predict the strengths of the show. The series will be launching the entire season soon and it will be obvious how it will be received. The show however should be accredited with being real.


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