BMW i3: Test the Greatest and the Best

BMW i3: Test the Greatest and the Best

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The BMW i3 is here and now you can test the greatest and the best there is or ever will be.

The city requires plans and maps so that people can go from here to there in a jiffy. Drivers have to be eco-friendly as regards their cars and they also have to maneuver their vehicles in a smart and efficient way. 

As a way of living, the BMW i3 is lifestyle redefined to the highest level. It is literally electricity that spans the length and breadth and width of the city. 

Its high tech, streamlined design aids in making it the laser fast model car of the future. Not only does this vehicle not let loose any unnecessary exhaust gases but it is so quiet and peaceful in its operations on the road that it almost seems like a miracle to behold. 

It is a custom-made car for the electric genre. And it will get you from your place of current access to the destination in record ETA (estimated time of arrival). 

A visionary probably built this car of classic proportions. The interior is very spacious and the leather upholstery and internal materials used to lend you comfort are state-of-the-art indeed. 

And the avionics-inspired exterior along with the oversized radial tires make this vehicle a dream within a dream. 

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch is compatible and fits hand in glove with the BMW i3. By combining the two tech devices (one large and the other small) the car’s status can be checked time after time. 

And everyone knows that Apple CarPlay will be part of the deal. There are other car companies that employ electronic odds and ends of equipment in conjunction with their trustworthy vehicles. 


On the other hand, the BMW i3 has improved beyond the imagination of people like Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk. Today it has overtaken Tesla in the drive to attract customers and clientele. 

BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works. It is a German vehicle company and the very cream of the crop. Two cheers for the BMW i3…a car for the coming times!  

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