Bobbi Kristina Brown Awake Status in Doubt

Bobbi Kristina Brown Awake Status in Doubt

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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s health status remains in doubt as the Houston-Brown families feud with each other over her real condition.

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in a comatose condition since the past three months or so. Over the weekend her father, Bobby Brown said before a concert crowd that she was awake and he could feel her reaching out to him.

This provoked rumors to the effect that she was out of her coma and into a rehabilitation process which would see her back to full-fledged health. But later on the news were negated by several sources that said that she was not out of her stupor.

Instead the sad fact was plain as the light of day that she had not only suffered extensive brain damage but would probably stay this way like a zombie on life support for years to come.

Bobby Brown’s wife said that her husband had to bear the full burden of the media’s inquisitive nature and was under a lot of stress so he had said those words at the concert. Actually, Bobbi Kristina was still in the same old situation however an improvement was not out of the question. 

Later on Cissy Houston, the grandmother of Bobbi Kristina and the mother of the late Whitney Houston was quoted as saying (via Gossip Cop) that everyone ought to pray for a miracle to occur since although Kristina was out of her frozen animated state, and she could blink and move a little, it could take a lot of time before she would be able to get back to normal.

The doctors however had said that once she was back to being fit as a fiddle, she would live a long and healthy life. Finally, Leolah Brown broke the silence by posting a rant on the Internet to the effect that there were a lot of bloodthirsty liars out there who were after her niece’s money.

They wanted to see her dead so that they could get their grubby hands on her wealth. She accused the Houston family of being a money-hungry lot who were just waiting to pounce upon the leftover assets of her niece, the moment she left this world for the next.

The rant was pretty emotional and full of anger and frustration. She didn’t name any names but she did let on about who some of the key figures were who were up to no good.    

Leolah’s Universal Prayer:/4/God Almighty Protect And Keep My Niece Bobbi Kristina Brown And Her Father Bobby…Posted by Leolah PrayerWorks on Monday, April 20, 2015


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