Bobby Brown Looks Depressed on Bobbi Kristina’s Birthday

Bobby Brown looks Depressed on Bobbi Kristina Birthday

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Bobby Brown appeared visibly depressed while paying a visit to see his hospitalized daughter Bobbi Kristina, who is in a coma.

The daughter of Bobby Brown was found in a coma in her bathtub more than a month ago. Today, when she would have turned 22 years of age, she is in a very serious condition and in a hospitalized state. While, Bobbi Kristina Brown is caught in a struggle between life and death, her father paid her a visit at the hospital and looked down in the dumps.

Bobby Brown had eyes that appeared to be swollen from crying and he had a somber look on his face, according to Daily Mail. Wearing a beanie, he held a beverage in one hand as he made his way over to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. He wore distressed jeans and a hooded outfit.

Nick Gordon, her husband, tweeted a very happy birthday to Bobbi and furthermore said that he wished he was by her side. He also went into a tirade on Twitter and said that he was afraid that he could not go on without Bobbi in his life and that he would do himself in.

It is possible that Bobbi will never completely recover from this comatose state. She went into seizures when she was brought out of the coma temporarily recently. In fact, it would be a miraculous thing were she to regain her normal brain functions even if she does come out of her stupor.

Currently, she is res-pirating via a tracheotomy tube. Nick meanwhile is not allowed to come anywhere near her since he has prevaricated on the issue of where he was when she was found in her bathtub in a comatose state. 

Meanwhile, Nick Gordon has in an erstwhile rant said (via TMZ) that he will be telling all regarding Bobbi Kristina Brown not to the police but instead to Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil is to sit down for some formal sessions with Nick Gordon and Nick will speak his mind on why Bobby Brown and his family are keeping him away from Bobbi Kristina.

The constant bickering between him and the extended family of Bobbi Kristina is something which will then come out into the open. The fact of the matter is that Nick /4/be responsible for the current tragic state of Bobby Brown’s daughter.

Marks were found on her body and he /4/have delivered them thus leading to her comatose state. It is still a conjecture but then where there is smoke there is fire. Nick had better get his act together of he is to avoid the long arm of the law. 


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