Boy proposes with 99 iPhone 6s and gets rejected

Boy proposes with 99 iPhone 6s and gets rejected

Feng Li/ Getty Images


A Chinese programmer reportedly persuaded his girlfriend to marry him by giving away 99 iPhones, according to the Chinese website Nanfang. The young hopeless romantic started his proposal by using the 99 iPhone 6 units he purchased for an estimated 500,000 renminbi, roughly $81,700, to form a big heart.

The idea, judging from the images posted on Weibo, is to drag the girl inside the heart, and to pop the big question in front of a crowd of friends. The whole turned out to be a bad idea as the girl reportedly said no. Ouch.

The good news, however, is that the disheartened boy can still sell the iPhones at a higher price since the demand for Apple‘s flagship device is high in China. Another Chinese website, Tencent News, claims that the cost of the iPhones is the equivalent to a two years’ salary.

Coincidentally, China is celebrating its “Singles Day” today. According to BBC, e-commerce giant Alibaba sold over $2 billion worth of goods during the first hour of the celebration.

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