Bruce Jenner Family has Different Reactions to his Sex Transition

Bruce Jenner Family has Different Reactions to his Sex Transition

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Bruce Jenner came out with his secret intentions of becoming a woman and his family reacted in various ways but all is well as all of the family is on-board with his decision and supporting him through the transition.

Back in 2013, it was just a rumor that the former Olympian and then the reality TV star, Bruce Jenner was considering a sex change surgery. he had a laryngeal shave scheduled but denied any possible rumors that he was on his way to transitioning into a woman.

That seems a long time back now and Bruce is finally facing the music on his own terms. He has decided to tell the truth to everyone and the first people to confess to, his family. His mother, Esther Jenner, 88, was told by his son after her had her sit down for a long, serious conversation.

Bruce Jenner told his mother about his decision to become a woman. He clarified his intention of going through a sex change surgery and asked for her support in the process. Like a loving mother, Esther gave him his blessing.

She said it was shocking to find out that your 65 years old son wants to become a woman. She confessed later on that she was proud of him more than when he stood at the Olympics stage with a gold medal around his neck. He is fighting for his own decisions and going through with something that he knows is tough so she supports him with his decisions.

He later sat down with his family. That included his six children, his ex-wife Kris Jenner and the Kardashian sisters along with their husbands. It was a family sit-down where Bruce disclosed his intention of becoming a woman.

The family reacted, which was anticipated by Bruce but he waited it out. Kris Jenner was married to the former Olympian for 20 years and she reacted the most. You find out that the man you were married to for 20 years, had children with wants to become a woman; you are sure to question your relationship. She is said to have thrown a tantrum in which she accused Bruce.

When she had the time to think, she admitted that the news did shake her as she realized that she had been in the dark for so long but this was the “lack of communication” that their therapists had referred to. He had finally come out with his decision. She was onboard with his decision where she had time to think.

Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick also had a serious reaction initially and so did Bruce’s male pals when they found out that the guy they had been hanging out with wants to become a woman. Kim and Kanye however were the supporting couple when this decision was revealed.

Kanye believes in the “Live and let live” rule. He said that it is actually great that Bruce is determined to make a transition and stand by it. He supports his decision and stand by him. His wife, Kim supported his decision after she went in to look how her mother was doing.

Once Kris said she was ok, Kim declared her full support for her step father. Scott also came around with Khloe and Kim reasoning with him. The family sit-down ended with a big family hug. Bruce has everyone he knows supporting him through his transition. The fans will also follow through as Kim believes and she supports his decision openly.   


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