Bruce Jenner Interview gets appreciated by Family and breaks Twitter Records

Bruce Jenner Interview gets appreciated by Family and breaks Twitter Records

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Bruce Jenner’s interview about gender transition got appreciated by his family and friends and also managed to break Twitter records.

Bruce Jenner identified himself as a transgender before Diane Sawyer in an interview that got telecast live throughout America’s living rooms. He is currently the most famous transgender to have ever been alive.

There is no denying the fact that to go from being a man to a woman or vice versa is the most difficult and excruciatingly painful thing for a transgender individual to do. However, Bruce is in pretty favorable circumstances since not only his immediate family but his celeb friends also endorse what he has done.

After the interview with Diane Sawyer, many important personalities of Hollywood took to the social online pages to commend Bruce for his bravery and truthful nature. Among these /4/be included: Lady Gaga, Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres.

The transgender Laverne Cox was one of those who praised Bruce too. Most of all, his family members were there to show heartfelt concern and moral support at his crucial decision.

Kris, his ex-wife and “momager” of reality TV show, KUWTK, said that he was her hero. 

Twitter’s previous records got broken as the messages bucking up Bruce poured in. Kendall said that she would love to be her dad. Brandon showed a pic of him on his father’s back as a child with the note that he was a proud son.

I wrote this in 5th grade… nothing has changed.

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Kylie said that her pops was so brave for having done what he did. Kourtney spoke of how she would stand by his side no matter what. Kendall said she was so very proud of him. Ellen said that he was a brave and beautiful man.

Laverne Cox gave her congratulations. Jimmy Fallon repeated what Neil Armstrong said upon landing on the moon. Lady Gaga said that it would be best to empower people like Bruce.

Proud son.

A photo posted by Brandon Jenner (@brandontjenner) on

Over 8.1 million individuals in the USA alone saw one or more of the nearly one million tweets sent about Bruce. A total of about half a million people sent tweets and the interview became the most watched prime time program.

Bruce has definitely taken a step that was in line with his personal identity and wishes. He was sick and tired of living a lie and it was simply a matter of time before the truth came out. Way to go, Bruce Jenner! You are indeed a very brave (wo)man! 


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