Bruce Jenner is Happily Living Life as a Woman

Bruce Jenner is Happily Living Life as a Woman

Bruce Jenner on the cover of PEOPLE

Bruce Jenner is completely living his life as a woman now!

Bruce Jenner revealed on national television he is a ‘Woman’ and finally sources close to him claim he is happy in his life. Two months after having filmed the interview with Dian Sawyer Jenner is living his life as a woman. Jenner apparently waited his entire life to reach this point and he is happy with it. 

Sources shared with People that Jenner feels a big weight is off his shoulders and he’s very excited about everything female. Jenner loves to dress up as a woman and he loves wearing high heels. Jenner also shared with Diane Sawyer he plans to make a ‘glam’ room in his house and it is where he will be getting ready and do his hair as a woman.

Jenner already has a full closet full of women’s clothes that he has been buying online. Jenner is finally starting to look like the woman he wanted to be his entire life and feels content with his choices. 

Jenner had apparently been waiting his entire life to reveal his secret and go out in public as a woman but never got the courage. However after his interview where he announced himself a woman he can finally experience life as a woman and go outside. Whenever he steps out in public Jenner seems to be relaxed. 

The 65 years old former Olympian has privately been carrying out procedures to make his outward appearance look more feminine. Jenner has been taking female hormones for two years and has had several surgeries including breast augmentation, a nose job and other facial work on his forehead and jaw. 

Jenner is also reportedly hosting girl parties at his house and later this year he will reveal his full female transformation in the summer. Recently Jenner was caught leaving his house with nail polish and lip gloss. 


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