Building Beautiful Ships: 25 Years of Pretty Woman and upcoming Today Show reunion

Building Beautiful Ships: 25 Years of Pretty Woman and upcoming Today Show reunion

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  • Glimpse of first reunion.
  • The hustle of movie-making.

Tuesday, March 24, see the cast of Pretty Woman reunite for the first time in 25 years. The movie defined a genre, so what’s left to know after 25 years?

On Tuesday, March 24, Today will sit down with first-ever Pretty Woman cast reunion. And the 25th anniversary is completely special, if going by the teasers the show put out anyway.

The fact they haven’t all been together since the movie redefined vinyl thigh-high boots and rom coms is a little surprising for many people. After all, the movie is not only iconic and a driving force behind modern rags-to-riches rom coms, but the sheer number of quotable lines needing to be reread by the cast is astonishing.

In the short 39 second clip, you see Julia Roberts talking to Gerry Marshall and Marshall hugging Hector Elizondo (Princess Diaries) for the first time. The three are joined by Richard Gere and Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me), completing most of the major cast. Film villain Jason Alexander (Seinfield) didn’t attend.

In honor of the anniversary, Vogue‘s offering up some little or unknown facts about the movie, too. For instance, well before Photoshopping became the norm, the Pretty Woman poster did it first. Turns out that it’s not Julia Robert’s body in those well-known boots, but stunt double Shelley Michelle’s. Julia’s head was later superimposed.

Or that The Breakfast Club‘s Molly Ringwald was originally offered the role of Vivian. Can anyone really imagine the role working, even with Ringwald’s acting chops? Though the movie definitely works better with Gere as Edward than Al Pacino.

Hollywood producer Gary W. Goldstein once said that the movie was “a disaster of a car wreck” before being produced. It’s easy to wonder if part of the problem was the intended dark, cutting nature of the film and how it original intended to have Vivian be a drug addict.

In fact, Pretty Woman is a completely different movie than the shopped around $3,000. Goldstein saved the script by cash out deal from the option company that suddenly went into bankruptcy.

And Julia Roberts’s career /4/have taken longer to skyrocket since her unknown status wasn’t really a highlight for the financing department. Hard to bank on someone without any credibility or fame when the film’s barely progressing as it is.

Turns out that Gere passed on it until Buena Vista Pictures, aka Disney, made a “deal he couldn’t refuse.” Seems appropriately Pacino-esque somehow. However, the producer does feel like failure helps move films along, to “get this right” before releasing to the public. And the lack of faith in the movie by Hollywood managed to catapult the careers of many people.

Easy to say that Pretty Woman definitely made a massive mark and those turning down the chance to be incorporated made a “huge” mistake. Right, Vivian?

You know that Ferrari and Porsche execs kicked themselves several times over for not allowing their cars in the movie. After all, Lotus Cars UK managed to triple sales between 1990 and 1991. Not exactly numbers to sneeze at. Right, Richard?

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In 2012, the actor claimed it was a silly romantic comedy and didn’t really register on his favorites list. And yet, he later went on to star in Marshall’s Runaway Bride, another rom com starring Roberts. So what will the cast reveal next in the month long celebration?

Tune into the Today show on March 24 to see the cast discuss the unexpected trajectory of Pretty Woman. To see more interesting facts, visit And to know about Goldstein’s life, check out Conquering Hollywood: The Screenwriter’s Blueprint for Career Success (2013) and edited by Jeanne McCafferty.


Sources: Film Courage, Today, Vogue


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