Butt Fumble Jersey Bought by Jets Fan for $820

Butt Fumble Jersey Bought by Jets Fan

NFL Auction via Yahoo! Sports

Mark Sanchez’s Butt Fumble jersey has been bought for an astronomical amount of $820 by a Jets fan.

Mark Sanchez joined the ranks of the Philadelphia Eagles. That provoked comment that maybe now the whole deal surrounding the “Butt Fumble” was over once and for all. However, as they say, you ain’t seen nothing yet! 

Jake Henderson, an avid fan, was perusing the items on sale by the Jets. Suddenly, he chanced upon a jersey that was once the property of Jets quarterback Sanchez. And, believe it or not, it was the selfsame jersey that Sanchez wore for the notorious “Butt Fumble” episode that took place on November, 22nd, 2012. 

In that memorable game, Sanchez fumbles with the rear side of Brandon Moore. It has earned the Worst of the Worst entitlements by the NFL. What a blunder and faux pas it was! Hendrickson finally had the means of owning that piece of cloth that symbolized a meme in NFL history.

“The second I realized what it was I knew I had to have it,” Hendrickson told Yahoo! Sports. “Almost for macabre reasons; the amount of ridicule I have received from friends regarding that play and me being a diehard Jets fan out in California especially. There’s no way I could let it get in the hands of an anti-fan or something of that manner to be shoved in our face.”

 Since Hendrickson is a diehard fan of the Jets, he thought he just could not let a Jets-hater get his hands on that jersey. He had to own it. And the bidding time was to last for a full five days.

So Hendrickson went on his computer portal and began offering money in return for the coveted jersey. And Hendrickson was very vigilant so as not to let anyone else get hold of the jersey. 

He increased the amount by $100 every time someone added a $5 or $10. The bidding continued in the auction till the final rate was $820. And you can bet on it that Hendrickson took it in the end when no one else was willing to go any higher. 

“The auction itself had like five days left on it before it closed so basically I set an alarm on my calendar to remind me an hour before so I could be at my computer. I was prepared for an all-out bidding war. There were a couple other people I was bidding against but it being the offseason I don’t think there were many people looking for football memorabilia so it didn’t go nearly as high as I had anticipated.  Plus every time someone would outbid me by $5 or $10 I was raising by a hundred bucks just to show I meant businesses,” said Hendrickson. 



The jersey had been purchased by Hendrickson in order to save the name of his favorite player from any more shame. And Hendrickson plans on having it embalmed in a picture and hung on his wall. 

“For now I’ll probably just frame it up real nice and put it on my wall,” Hendrickson said. “Until we win a Super Bowl or I can get together enough money to put it on a rocket ship and shoot it to outer space because I don’t think it belongs on this planet anymore.” 

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