ButtonDuino hits Indiegogo seeking funding for tiny fully functional Arduino

ButtonDuino hits Indiegogo seeking funding for tiny fully functional Arduino


First seven units to ship in March

DIY electronics tinkerers will be familiar with Arduino and the untold number of projects that can be created using the platform. A new Arduino device has turned up on crowd sourced funding site Indiegogo. The project is seeking $4500 for production costs and has just gone up recently.

So far, no money has been raised and it appears the project hasn’t yet gone live. The ButtonDuino as it is described as a tiny yet fully functional Arduino that is programmable via USB. The small ButtonDuino can be used on leave in projects, but is compatible with breadboards as well.

The people behind the project expect to launch the ButtonDuino in late March 2014, assuming they raise the needed funds. The tiny device measures 18.64mm x 18.25mm making it smaller than a quarter. The device is USB powered and programmable.

The ButtonDuino is designed to plug directly into a breadboard using standard pitch 2.54mm breadboards. Not having to use wires like some other Arduino devices requires means a cleaner design. The ButtonDuino is also stackable with any ButtonShields, which will be coming later.

The device is expandable via an I2C or SPI if you need more pins. The device is also designed to interface directly with NI LabVIEW for creating GUIs. A single beta version of the ButtonDuino is available for a pledge of $11 with delivery expected in March, only seven units are available. A normal ButtonDuino will come in June for $12. You can get a pair of the devices for $20, three for $27, 10 for $86 and so on.


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