C-Mi Is The Only Camera Drone You Would Want

C-Mi is the only camera drone you would want

Photo Credits: kickstarter

The first all in one weather resistant camera drone for real world usage

The market isn’t short on drones right now and still we find it pretty much hard to find the best one which would satisfy all our feature requirements. C-mi however is a different story. Pronounced as ‘see me’, this new camera drone is the first one which has been designed in such a way that it can be useful for the real world.

There are three distinguishing factors on the camera drone which make it the best among all others. The camera is;

• Easily stock-able

• All weather

• An Integrated Flight and Camera Controller

The drone fits easily inside a small backpack and doesn’t take enough space so you can travel anywhere with it comfortably. Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about the kinds of weather the drone can tolerate; its design enables it to work under all kinds of climatic conditions. With its digital user interface, you can easily control the flyer and do many other things such as change the camera modes and view live video during flight, and directly share images and video using a single app.

The creators are quite confident that this is the only perfect flying action camera which you will find on the market; the rest are either too big to be practical or are too complicated to control comfortably. The C-Mi is so far a project on Kickstarter and with 28 days still to go, it has raised $31,915 out of its goal of $125,000.

So what does this C-Mi has in store?

Featuring a high precision 1080p HD camera in a protective case, this camera drone is the only thing you need to capture a smooth impressive video. The outer body of the drone is not the only thing that has been made weather resistant but the camera too can take some pretty harsh climatic conditions. So no rain or snow or wind can stop you from having your share of fun.

The software of the drone features multiple flying modes and you will have all the fun in the world while you are experimenting with different ones and trying to figure out which one suits you the best. Also, changing camera targets is not going to be a difficult task, thanks to the built in GPS and camera feature tracking.


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