Cabbies to Demonstrate Against Uber Throughout Europe While Uber Platform Launched in London

Taxi Drivers to Demonstrate Against Uber Throughout Europe


Groups of cabbies are to demonstrate against the organization known as Uber throughout Europe soon. But Uber today launched a new Uber platform in London.

Taxicab drivers have ganged up on Uber which is a mobile car access service. They have decided to take over parking lots in various European cities. This action was taken after intense frustration that was felt by the cabbies over the influence of Uber. 

Uber faces quite a crisis as the cabbies have decided to finally say a resounding “NO” to the advanced firm. Uber meanwhile is trying its best to increase its base and reach the top position in the market.

Just today, Uber has announced to open up “the Uber platform to London’s Black Taxis, bringing one more safe, reliable and seamless option to London riders on top of its existing three options of uberX, EXEC and LUX cars in London.

Londoners are savvy decision makers; they have different needs in different situations. Launching UberTAXI today delivers another option for consumers and more choice for London drivers too.”

Technological change seems to have threatened the livelihoods of many people here who are up in arms. England too is a site of a scene by the taxicab drivers. They are congregating in Trafalgar Square. 

According to WSJ, “In London, thousands of cabdrivers were expected to converge on Trafalgar Square, triggering a warning to organizers from the city’s police force. London’s transportation agency posted an advisory online warning customers of the protest and suggesting that they use the subway system. 

In Madrid, taxi drivers said they would take the day off. French drivers planned to launch what they called “escargot” operations: driving at a snail’s pace on major streets and thoroughfares—for instance, to and from the airport.”

The police are in high alert and have warned the ordinary citizens to skirt the area when employing the services of the tube system. Similar protests and gatherings are expected in Spain. 

Uber has had several lawsuits brought against it in recent times. The legal issues it faces have been a constant thorn in its side. While many agencies have deemed it to be in its legal jurisdiction, if the courts rule in favor of the taxi drivers, the large organization /4/have to pay up big time. 

The application produced by Uber acts as a cab meter. This is the crux of the whole matter and the bone of contention between the two parties. While the taxi drivers have their point of view, Uber staff and administration have gone along with the sway of events by saying that the protests will build support and drum up publicity for the famous company. 

How things will turn out in the end is a total mystery. Either way there will be bruised egos and hurt feelings. But in the real world which is a school of hard knocks such things are inevitable.   

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