Cameron Diaz spice things up on SNL

Cameron Diaz spice things up on SNL

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  • Cameron Diaz put up unexpectedly thrilling performances on the SNL.
  • The collaboration with the female cast of the show is being called the ‘best sketch’ of the night.

The sketches she performed in were ‘Back Home Ballers’, ‘Poetry Class’, ‘New Annie’ and ‘Office Boss with Cameron Diaz’.

SNL picked up its falling ratings as of late and where the producers, writers and actors certainly picked up their game. The actors hosting the phenomenal Saturday night event also have had hand in uplifting the show’s rating.

Last week Woody Harrelson made the night into one of the most memorable. This week, on the show’s 40th running season, Cameron Diaz took the show to somewhat perfection.

It was definitely a show to set the mood for Thanksgiving. Cameron performed as an integral part of the SNL cast and her submersion brought great advantage to the entire cast performance.

The Back Home Ballers sketch reminded the audience of those bunch of rich, spoiled kids wearing all kinds of bling and strutting around on VH1. Having the style but no God give talent, these kids were always a handful.

Leslie Jones impeccable rapping mentioning all the actresses’ surnames was a thrill to listen to and watch. It is now a fact that the female cast weave their magic like voodoo when they perform together with the added advantage of Cameron.

The ‘New Annie’ was a remake of the original that presented different perspectives to everyone. Leslie Jones playing the ‘black Annie’, Cameron playing Ms. Hannigan and Jay Pharoah doing an amazing Jamie Foxx impersonation. The sketch looked no way in need of reinventing and made Cameron the rare host that could tap into her fun side and keep it real at the same time.

The Office Boss with Cameron Diaz was just plain hilarious. Featuring her as the wife of a man-child boss in need of motherly care. She just didn’t bother with him as long as he was paying the bills but how she put up with him was a laughing spectacle. It is no doubt that these sketches put SNL on the map of this year’s TV.

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