Candice Bergen dismisses Need for Plastic Surgery

Candice Bergen dismisses Need for Plastic Surgery

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Candice Bergen has dismissed any need for plastic surgery. She said that although she /4/deserve it more than she thinks, she will be forgoing it.

Candice Bergen admits that she is fat. She used to play Murphy Brown and has had many plastic surgery sessions in the past. But now those days are over and she has decided to age gracefully. The bags beneath her eyes got rearranged. And her sagging neck too got a lift or two. 

“I had my eyes done after the pilot of Murphy Brown when I was 41,” Candice Bergen told People. “And then the next year I had these two [neck] muscles under here done, because TV half-hour lighting can be harsh.” 

When questioned as to whether she would like to have a few procedures of nip/tuck now, she replied that though she needed them, she was too tired to take any action. She was happy with her grey hair and wrinkles and crow’s feet. 

“I’m clearly in need,” she said. “But I frankly just don’t care enough. I don’t even get those shots anymore because it hurts so much!” 

Candice also gets all shook up when her friends and costars get their cosmetic surgery and pretend as if nothing was wrong with them. She literally wants to go up to them and tell them that they are puffed up due to one too many botox injections. 

She also said that one has to be careful in these politically correct times we are living in. Her comments about her weight problem landed her in trouble with fat acceptance groups. 

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