CES 2015 will feature Redefined Entertainment Control by Universal Electronics Inc.

CES 2015 will feature Redefined Entertainment Control by Universal Electronics Inc.

  • Universal Electronics Inc. coming up with new technology in Entertainment Control at the International CES 2015

It seems that new innovations and technology will not stop pouring in at the CES 2015.

Universal Electronics Inc. is the world leader in universal remote control technologies and control interfaces. This time at the CES 2015 it will be the 23rd consecutive year for Universal Electronics Inc. and it has some new technology to brag about too.

The company is coming at the CES 2015 with their latest portfolio of technology solutions that will redefine entertainment control. Universal Electronics Inc’s latest solutions and design expertise provide consumer OEMs, cable and satellite broadcasters with the best and optimal solutions for a consumer oriented design experience. 

The company will be displaying its Redefining Control Across all Screens QuickSet 3.0 which is the platform that is currently being used in over 100 million devices around the globe which includes set-top boxes, media devices, game consoles, connected TVs and tablets.

The company’s QuickSet software and cloud services empower a growing list of famous and renowned smart devices and other electronic devices to control the home entertainment experience.

The QuickSet 3.0 also comes with Control plus Technology. This new Control Plus technology is available as an optimal feature in the latest and newest QuickSet SDK. It provides a solution to the most common consumer challenges in universal AV control such as mode confusion and input switching.

With this new Control Plus technology the consumers can now easily and simply plug in a new device, have it discovered and set up automatically. This will provide the consumers with added activities such as ‘Watch TV’ being automatically enabled with a single touch.

Moreover the latest advancements in the Smart Home technologies can also be added to complete the entire home entertainment experience. Some of the important features of the Control Plus technology include automated Activity Setup which automatically figures out and configures smart activities for most IP and HDMI-connected devices.

Then there is the Dynamic Key Mapping which is remote or even touchscreen buttons that automatically map to appropriate devices based on the active content source device.

Then there is the One Touch View (OTV) which is a single button and it gets the user to their chosen content very easily and reliably and then there is the Smart device integration which allows for the universal control and smart activities into second screen apps and provides synchronization across multiple screens.

Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) is the global leader in wireless control technology. The company designs, develops and delivers innovative and new solutions that provide the consumers with control of entertainment devices, home systems and digital media. The company sells and licenses wireless control products through distributors and retailers under the One For ALL brand name.

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The CES 2015 will be held in Las Vegas from the 6th to the 9th of January. Do not miss this chance of checking out the newest technology of the coming year by 3500 different and renowned companies.

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