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Hottest Hard-Partying Head Honcho Hombre with Acting Chops that make Everyone Else Envious!

Charlie Sheen

A Troublesome rather than Troubled Tyke who’s been through the Toughest of Times… 

Real Name

Carlos Irwin Estevez


September 3rd, 1965 (He’s a child of the 60s generation that spawned the Flower Children and had Ravi Shankar singing alongside his Sitar at Woodstock. It was indeed a radical and revolutionary time when Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll ruled the world!)  

Locality of the Lad

NYC aka The Big Apple or the place where 9/11 occurred at the turn of the millennium. Charlie actually believes that the tragedy was an inside job. He blames Bush and the Neocons for doing a demolition duty on the twin towers and furthermore supports the 9/11 Truth Movement.  

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A Few Facts at a Glance…

Charlie has a famous actor brother, Emilio Estevez, who was in the film The Outsiders as well as The Karate Kid. Charlie had a love-hate relationship with his elder brother throughout his life. His grades went down due to this conflict or rather sibling rivalry of sorts.  

He has led a cocaine-laced and alcohol fueled life of excess and extremism. Besides being at the center of a whole lot of controversy, including domestic violence cases and a recent sexual battery litigation issue, The Machine (his nickname) is guilty of spending over $50,000 for the sexual services of some two dozen or more Hollywood whores. They had been on the honor roll of the madam Heidi Fleiss. 

Charlie accidentally shot his wife-to-be Kelly Preston and the marriage got derailed. Actually a shotgun in his pocket misfired and led to Kelly getting badly injured. She called off the wedding and instead married her friend John Travolta. To this day Charlie regrets losing her due to a stupid chance accident. In fact, he wishes it had been him who had gotten badly hurt instead of her.  

He appeared in a number of movies that turned out to be crowd favorites and cultish in the nature of their fame. Platoon showed him as a soldier in the midst of the Vietnam War who was caught up in the nerve-wracking brutal realism. Then there was Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as well as Hot Shots. There came a time when Charlie was the highest earning television actor of all time. But the man spent most of his wealth on woman, wine and song!

He was to be cast for the role of Maverick on Top Gun but later on the character went to Tom Cruise. Oliver Stone’s blunder landed him as a persona non grata in Charlie’s opinion. Charlie Sheen never acted for him again though he could have earned a lot of money had he not let his foolish pride get in the way. Oh well! That’s Charlie for you!

Charlie’s most recent misdemeanor involves a dentist’s assistant named Margarita Palestino. She was badly assaulted by Charlie in her office in LA. Charlie was high on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol. He entered the dentist’s clinic and started shouting obscenities and tore off the mask this poor woman had placed on his mouth. Then he proceeded to call her curse words that are not worthy of being mentioned on this page. Finally, to add insult to injury, Charlie actually grabbed one of her boobs and even pulled down her bra strap from behind. She ran out screaming in terror. Charlie’s bodyguard offered her a measly $500 for the trouble she had to put up with. But she has opted to proceed with litigation procedures against Sheen. Sheen’s lawyer has said that she is just out for her Warholian 15 minutes of fame. 


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Life Story…

Born in NYC, with the name of Carlos Irwin Estevez, the man who was to become the actor known as Charlie Sheen had an actor father and an artist mother. The father’s name was Martin Sheen and the mother’s was Janet Templeton. Janet was Jewish. Charlie has Spanish and Irish blood in his pedigree. He has two elder brothers and a younger sister. When his mom and pop shifted to Malibu, California, Charlie started taking acting classes instead of real school classes since he was not getting any good grades. His first roles were small time affairs such as a stint alongside Patrick Swayze in Red Dawn, the Cold War film, or a small role in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. 

But later on Charlie would get a grip on reality and that translated into bigger parts than just cameo appearances. He played a major role as a PTSD-stricken soldier in Platoon. He almost made it to Born on the Fourth of July but Oliver Stone later on turned turncoat and selected Cruise instead. This was an insult that Sheen never forgot or forgave like the Top Gun slip that Stone gave him. Stone and his movies would be shunned by Sheen from then onwards.  

Finally, in the celluloid products that include Money Talks, Hot Shots and Being John Malkovich, Sheen reached the heights of fame and good name. He even earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He later on appeared in Major League as a baseball hero and also entered the world of television. And as they say…the sun always shines on television. For Charlie Sheen, it sure produced some sultry sizzling rays. He went on to become the top earning actor in all of America or for that matter the world. This was of course quite an accomplishment in itself. 

But it was his weird behavior that got him into plenty of trouble. His roles in Two and a Half Men, Everybody loves Raymond and Anger Management led to worldwide recognition and a popping popularity that refused to go away despite the bad boy image he had garnered through his general actions off the set. 

Charlie faced a lot of chaos as well as storm and stress in his private life. His first marriage never got off the ground due to reasons mentioned earlier in this profile. As for his wedding with the beautiful and vivacious Denise Richards, it too failed after a while. He has two daughters from Denise. His first marriage, which was with Donna Peele, also ended being a big failure. Sheen would then go on to date and titillate himself with a number of adult film actresses. His bouts with ten million drugs and the demon alcohol bottle led to various accusations against him by his spouses and female escorts of violence and obnoxious behavior.  

But in spite of his bad personal record, Charlie is a good man at heart. He has donated many of his dollars to charity organizations in particular those that fight against AIDS and raise awareness about Breast Cancer. Charlie is the best. And though he /4/have his quirky and eccentric side he can still cook up a mean performance for the camera’s lenses. 


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  • Badlands  1973
  • The Execution of Private Slovik Kid at wedding  1974
  • Apocalypse Now  1979
  • Red Dawn  1984
  • Silence of the Heart  1984
  • The Fourth Wise Man  1985
  • Out of the Darkness  1985
  • The Boys Next Door  1985
  • A Life in the Day  1986
  • Lucas  1986
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  1986
  • Platoon  1986
  • The Wraith   1986
  • Wisdom  1986
  • Wall Street  1987
  • No Man’s Land  1987
  • Three for the Road  1987
  • Grizzly II: The Predator Concert  1987
  • Never on Tuesday  1988
  • Eight Men Out  1988
  • Young Guns  1988
  • Tale of Two Sisters  1989
  • Major League  1989
  • Comicits  1989
  • Catchfire  1989
  • Cadence  1990
  • Courage Mountain  1990
  • Men at Work  1990
  • Navy SEALs  1990
  • The Rookie   1990
  • Hot Shots!   1991
  • Beyond the Law  1992
  • Oliver Stone: Inside Out  1992
  • Loaded Weapon 1  1993
  • Deadfall  1993
  • Hot Shots! Part Deux  1993
  • The Three Musketeers   1993
  • Charlie Sheen’s Stunt Spectacular  1994
  • Terminal Velocity  1994
  • The Chase  1994
  • Major League II  1994
  • Loose Women  1996
  • Frame by Frame   1996
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven 2  1996
  • The Arrival   1996
  • Money Talks  1997
  • Shadow Conspiracy  1997
  • Bad Day on the Block  1997
  • Discovery Mars  1997
  • Postmortem  1998
  • A Letter from Death Row  1998
  • No Code of Conduct  1998
  • Free Money  1998
  • Junket Whore  1998
  • Lisa Picard is Famous  1999
  • Five Aces  1999
  • Being John Malkovich  1999
  • Rated X  2000
  • Good Advice  2001
  • Last Party 2000  2001
  • The Making of Bret Michaels  2002
  • Deeper Than Deep  2004
  • Scary Movie 3  2003
  • The Big Bounce  2004
  • Pauly Shore Is Dead  2004
  • Guilty Hearts  2005
  • Scary Movie 4  2006
  • Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps  2010
  • Due Date  2010
  • I Am  2010
  • 9/11 Truth: Hollywood Speaks Up  2011
  • Madea’s Witness Protection  2012
  • A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III  2012
  • She Wants Me  2012
  • Foodfight!  2012
  • Machete Kills  2013
  • Scary Movie 5  2013


  • Amazing Stories: Book Three  1986
  • War of the Stars   1987
  • Friends  1996
  • Sugar Hill1999
  • Spin City 2000–2002
  • Two and a Half Men  2003–2011
  • Overhaulin’  2006
  • The Big Bang Theory  2008
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2008
  • Family Guy  2010
  • Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza 2011
  • Comedy Central Roast   2011
  • Anger Management  2012–present

Quotable Quotes…

  • Sheen has said that during intense moments of acting out the scenes, he often completely goes with the flow and becomes one with the present instant in time. The fact that it is all false simply doesn’t exist anymore. 
  • He never regrets any mistakes he has made. You are in need of all the things that have befallen you and without them you would be a worse person than you are now. This is what he believes in with tenacity and ferociousness. 
  • Charlie sure knows one thing and that is that there is a fine line between audacity and being an asshole! He tries to steer clear of the latter although many times he doesn’t quite succeed in changing his harmful habits. 
  • He has almost rid himself of the bottle. And he said that all it took was getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. That was when he gave up the late nights in lonely bars with the bartenders giving him bad advice. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
  • He is an avid tattoo collector. Already he has about a dozen and feels exposed when he has to take his shirt off on the beach. 

And with that we sat Au Revoir to Charlie Sheen…

He is a Bad Boy alright…

And we all know that Girls just cannot keep their Hands off Bad Boys!

That is precisely where his Sex Appeal lies! 

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