Chris Hemsworth joins Twitter right before hosting Saturday Night Live

Chris Hemsworth joins Twitter right before hosting Saturday Night Live

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  • Thor’s taking Twitter.
  • SNL hit and misses.

Saturday, March 7, was a busy time for Chris Hemsworth: using a verified Twitter account and hosting Saturday Night Live all within a couple of hours of each other. So what’s a hit and what’s a miss?

Right before hosting SNL on March 7, Chris Hemsworth joined Twitter (@ChrisHemsworth) and posted a quick message to fans. The message reads “1. My first tweet. 2. Getting ready to host @nbcsnl with @zacbrownband.” While the message /4/be a bit of a PR move for the Marvel star, the Twittersphere definitely embraced his new account.

Fourteen hours later, he already had over 126,000 followers and the initial tweet had over 27,000 retweets.

Meanwhile, costars and colleagues playfully poked fun at his late arrival to the social media platform. Robert Downey Jr., a.k.a Iron Man, quipped, “Last one in is a rotten egg… What’s that smell? Ladies and gentlemen: @chrishemsworth.”

And geek references didn’t end there. William Shatner tweeted a simple “Daddy!” at the Australian star. In J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot, Hemsworth played James Kirk’s father, George. As of noon, it’s been retweeted and favorited over 900 times.

Hosting Saturday Night Live seemed like a smart move for the actor, too. Twitter was buzzing over Hemsworth’s performance.

One of the skits included an Avengers special news report as Thor hamming it up to the camera with an Australian accent while doing the running man in the background. SNL Thor landed somewhere between a drunk frat boy and sports fan.

Even Entertainment Weekly‘s review indicating a less-than-impressed use of the comedic actor admitted Hemsworth saved the skit. In it, various cameos by the other Avengers and parodied by various male SNL actors, broke into the coverage at the end of the latest movie’s victory.

Overall, the skit was a hit because of Thor’s over-eager, hyped up personality. Hey, Joss, why not add a little bit of not-quite-so-deadpan humor into Thor? Remember the whole “don’t throw a glass on the ground” moment in the first Thor movie?

Clearly your star doesn’t mind mocking himself, just look at the American Express ad highlighting all his flaws that managed to make him work “days” to become a superhero star. Use it!

Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out /4/1, 2015.

One of the biggest question marks seems to revolve around the sketch’s take on Empire.

Kenan Thompson played Terrance Howard’s Lucious Lyons while Sasheer Zamata portrayed fan favorite and unstoppable force, Cookie Lyons. TV Line and EW both think the show wasted the potential of a white parody character. TV Line also felt that Zamata didn’t bring enough oomph to match Taraji P. Henson’s phenomenal performance as an opinionated ex-con and all around badass mama.

Here Hemsworth’s Chip works as the office manager. After Lucious introduces him to the staff, Chip immediately asks if “anyone does any work around here.” Undertones of discrimination can easily halt the skit for viewers, especially fans knows Empire isn’t your average 9-to-5 workplace. Overall, nothing was added to the bits, and even Hemsworth stumbled as the unnecessary white intrusion to make executives happy.

Honestly, Fox’s Empire is already soapy enough that SNL didn’t really have enough material to parody. But! Jussie Smollett, who plays out-and-proud Jamal Lyons on Empire, retweeted a fan calling the skit was “hilarious.” So is it good? Critics say no, and the cast says retweet. In other words: jury’s still out.

Overall, Hemsworth seemed to enjoy the experience, tweeting out later, “Had a blast with my three brothers and Mum.” In the opening skit, younger brothers Liam and Luke showed up, along with the adopted “fourth” brother, Callum (Thompson). Near the end, Katie McKinnon plays the brother’s mom. Retorting that “some folks have one son, I have a litter” and “you boys ruined my body, it’s the least you can do” after Chris thanked his “mom.”

And if Chris continues to use Twitter, like his younger brothers, the internet /4/break entirely.  The Avengers cast regularly tweets to each other and stars, creating a community, and that’s without Thor’s hammer in the way. Or Moby Dick.

Maybe it’s a good time to invest in some solid furniture with that $8 million.


Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Saturday Night Live, TV Line, Twitter


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