Chris Paul enrages Many by his Offhand Remarks about NBA referee Lauren Holtkamp

Chris Paul enrages Many by his Offhand Remarks about NBA referee Lauren Holtkamp

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Basketball player, Chris Paul enraged many people and will probably be fined for his offhand remarks about the NBA rookie referee Lauren Holtkamp. The commentary by Paul appeared for all purposes to be sexist.

Chris Paul was playing in a match, between his team the Los Angeles Clippers and the Cleveland Cavaliers, when something he said rubbed the female referee Lauren Holtkamp the wrong way and she awarded him a technical foul.

Chris Paul reiterates that he tried to reason with her that his language was not directed at her, but she just wouldn’t listen and handed him the penalty willy-nilly. Holtkamp also punished another player with the same liability.

She is an NBA rookie on the circuit and is one of only three female referees in the whole series. That /4/have been one of the reasons why the comments that Chris Paul made later on got twisted way out of shape and used against him.

Chris said that he didn’t care what others said but he felt the technical foul was unfair. He spoke of how she was not fit to be a referee. Now, if this statement had been made about a male referee, maybe there would have been some leeway in the matter.

But since Holtkamp is a woman, the perfunctory talk appeared sexist and reeked of male chauvinism to the extreme. Since feminism has penetrated Western culture left, right and center, any text or speech denigrating the female psyche or body comes under attack immediately without any forethought.

This has become so common that it now occurs almost in a knee-jerk fashion. Sometimes even the slightest provocative statement can be overblown to appear like it was a vicious onslaught on womankind and all things feminine.

Something similar happened in case of Chris Paul. The only wrong thing he actually did was use the word “her” instead of “him” and “she” instead of “he”. And this subtle difference upset the apple cart.

Maybe in some matters we have become too civilized. Yet the fact remains that without some standards of dignity and propriety between the sexes, everything would descend into chaos.

Culture and the rules of the game (in life as well as in sports) dictate that we cooperate and live as well as let live. If everybody said whatever came to mind it /4/end hypocrisy yet there would not be four friends left in the world.


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