Chris Pratt and Melissa McCarthy’s First Headshots Revealed

Chris Pratt and Melissa McCarthy's First Headshots Revealed

Credit: BBC America’s The Graham Norton Show

  • Melissa McCarthy and Chris Pratt first headshots revealed with the story on the Graham Norton Show

While promoting their movies, Chris Pratt and Melissa McCarthy were faced with their first headshots and revealed the story behind them to laughs at the Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show is the show to be while promoting movies in England and stars Chris Pratt and Melissa McCarthy made the stop for their movies Jurassic Park and Spy respectively along with David Bowie and Jude Law.

Graham has been known to be creative with his guests and this time he brought out both the comedy stars’ first ever headshots. Chris was first to go with a really stud like headshot in black and white, wearing a white shirt and long, curly blonde locks going around his head. He went on to tell the story behind the headshot.

He said he was twenty something and really broke, roaming around in West Hollywood which he described as a ‘gay’ residential area. He said he came across a guy who was looking at him like he knew him and Chris was like cordial at first.

The guy asked him that if he had shot him. Chris replied he had never been shot so he can’t have. The guy cleared that he was a photographer so Chris grabbed the opportunity and said he needed headshots. 

The guy said he did headshots and he lived two blocks away. Chris went with him to the apartment which was really nice and had great furnishings. The guy told him that he should shower maybe and Chris agreed so he showered and when he came out the guy lent him a polo shirt to wear and they went out to his balcony.

Chris said he directed me and we did a whole shoot. Then the guy just took out the reel, put it in a box and gave it to Chris. All the while the crowd was laughing its head off because of the gay bit Chris had mentioned earlier.

Chris Pratt also said that he never saw him again and thanked him if he was watching for doing his free headshots. Graham commented that he probably would have made money with shots of Chris in the shower. 

After that was Melissa’s turn to face her headshots which were quite eccentric in nature considering. Melissa looked stunned and embarrassed at the same time when she saw them. Melissa had short, messy hair in both. In one she is wearing a small hat and smiling while in the other, she has glasses on and has a really weird funny face. 

Revealing her story, she said that her first commercial agent lived above a sandwich shop and told her she needed to get character shots so they arranged it and she just had the inspiration to channel Carol, a role she was doing in Groundling Theater. Carol was a weird lady who handed out free cheese samples at the mall. So Melissa brought the character to the character shots.

Later on, the group went on to discuss accents and Chris said that when his wife Anna Faris came to visit him while they were shooting in London, she got addicted to this show Towie. He explained that Towie was basically the British version of Jersey Shore and it was based in Essex.

He went on to imitate the accent in the show saying he is a parrot who picks on things and then imitated a character. It was all laughs while Melissa commented that now she wanted to watch the show.

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