Chris Pratt Apologizes on Facebook before Jurassic World Press Tour

Chris Pratt Apologizes on Facebook before Jurassic World Press Tour

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  • Chris Pratt Apologizes for Imminent Forthcoming Mistake on Jurassic World Press Tour

Chris Pratt truly regrets possibly behaving badly on Jurassic World Press Tour. He even posted a slightly odd-sounding pre-apology on his Facebook page which was kind of sweet.

The man is already apologizing and saying his “sorry’s” like crazy on his Facebook account. Chris Pratt took to the social online page to post a lengthy apology in which he didn’t even say what he would do wrong. Pratt was pre-apologizing in a way and the whole explanation of his ended up sounding slightly pathetic if not quirky in its tone of voice. 

He said that he was a fool and that he was also really stupid. Chris told his fans that despite his best efforts at using some tact and sense in social situations, he ended up flubbing and making a total mess out of the situation at hand. No matter what he did he made a fool out of himself and the blunders were such that he later on regretted his foolhardy actions to an extreme extent.

But Chris Pratt tried to reason that he was helpless in this regard. He just couldn’t help putting his foot in his mouth and the results were often self-destructive. The comments and acts he would probably engage in during the Jurassic World press junket were to be taken with a grain of salt, said Chris. He knew that the moment he parted his lips they would blurt out the ugly truth and he would be censured for his linguistic crimes. 

There was no way around it or any two ways about it. Chris was a complete socially unfit moron in his own words. And to expect him to learn was like telling a man to light a matchstick on a bar of soap. Absolutely impossible!

The manner in which Chris said he was sorry for any stupidities he might commit along the way in the future was rather sweet if not sickly sentimental. He sounded like the ideal nice guy who finishes last! 

Chris even went the whole hog and termed his future scandal “JurassicGate”. He however did say that it was no laughing matter since he had the social sense of an Aspie. Chris is ever-vigilant as to how his reception at the junket will go. And he does not want events to end up in a SNAFU moment. That is the reason behind his saying the word sorry before he is sorry. 

I want to make a heartfelt apology for whatever it is I end up accidentally saying during the forthcoming #JurassicWorld…Posted by Chris Pratt on Friday, /4/22, 2015

About to embark on a global press blitz for #JurassicWorld. Saw it last night and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!This is a…Posted by Chris Pratt on Friday, /4/22, 2015

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