Chris Rock returns to Saturday Night Live

Chris Rock returns to Saturday Night Live

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Chris brings some surprising jokes regarding the 9/11 and ISIS.

Last seen in 1996, Chris Rock returned to Saturday Night Live after 18 years. This Saturday was a good night to be Studio 6H as Kenan Thompson and Prince performed. The bad boy of SNL started off with telling what it feels like to return after 18 years and what it was like to be part of the cast in the early 90’s, when he used to work with names like Adam Sandler, David Spade and Chris Farley.

Then Chris jumped straight into seven minutes of stand-up centered on thorny topics which he turned hilarious. These included topics such as the Freedom Tower, the paradox of needing a gun to prevent him from gun nuts and the true evil of the Boston Marathon bombing.

You just need to give Chris Rock a chance to remind you that he is one of the biggest comedians of all time and he will happily to do so. We saw Chris having a wonderful time on the set. We saw Chris Rock in a parody of ‘Shark Tank’, playing a member of ISIS, with a takeaway line “Genocidal regimes are a very tricky business.” 

Then we saw Bobby Moynihan, Beck Bennett, and Kyle Mooney star as ridiculous well-mannered bank robbers in this pre-taped segment which we can say was the night’s funniest moment.

The robbers show up with automatic rifles and the typical rude commands, but they eventually end up taking care of the elderly and fetching water for the thirsty. It’s a foolish premise that plays out quite brilliantly.

Chris Rock also had to perform in an alarming amount of dud and screwed up numerous lines. He also got to join the nutty installment of ‘Women in the Workplace’. Here we saw Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong steal the sketch as Donna Fingerneck and Jodi Cork, a pair of clumsy Nineties video hosts who say things like, “Have you ever accidentally offended a diverse person so much that you walked into a closet and stayed there the rest of the day, even though every time someone got their coat, they saw you in there?”

These hosts then throw to a pair of “unpaid actors,” played by Rock and Vanessa Bayer, acting out uncomfortable workplace situations, which turns out be somewhat funny. Rock’s character, in a Nineties sweater for the ages, takes the training clip off script and makes a Sade reference in the process. Bayer who plays Rock’s hair sprayed coworker, tries to keep up by using some casual racism followed by an attempt to “out-diverse” her new boss. 

The evening’s musical guest was the one and only, Prince. He came on with the group behind his new album ‘3RDEYEGIRL’ and to our amusement played a medley of three songs. During these songs we saw Prince jumping from the keyboards to the guitar and making us think that he was a comedian rather than a musician. 

Source: RollingStone, People

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