Christina Aguilera does Britney Spears Musical Impressions on The Tonight Show

Christina Aguilera does Britney Spears Musical Impressions on The Tonight Show

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  • Christina Aguilera mimics Britney Spears, Cher and Shakira on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Christina does a breathy impression of Britney Spears voice on the Wheel of Musical Impressions on the Jimmy Fallon Show singing “This Little Piggy”

Many stars have performed with Jimmy Fallon on the Wheel of Musical Impression on his late night show including Adam Levine, Kevin Spacey and almost all the singers that attend the show and other guests.

Christina came on last night to promote the 8th season of the award winning show The Voice. Christina serves as a judge and a mentor on the show. She was then asked to play the Wheel of Musical Impressions and the singer/actress didn’t require too much persuasion from Jimmy to sing the chosen song in the voice of the singer that comes with it. Jimmy and Christina were to take turns to do this little exercise. As she was the guest, Jimmy invited Christina to push the button first. 

The first combination came out to be “Folgers Coffee” jingle in Cher’s voice. Christina has worked alongside Cher in Burlesque and did a terrific deep tone impression of Cher singing “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”. Jimmy and the audience were impressed. Jimmy then took his turn singing “Grand Old Flag” in David Bowie’s voice and did a good job. 

Christina had to go again and as the singer slot stopped on Britney Spears, all those present has a great laugh including Christina who looked somewhat nervous. Jimmy asked her if she knew Britney. Christina laughed and said “a little bit, a little bit.”

That might be an understatement because Christina and Britney have been rivals since their teenage years when they stared in the All New Mickey Mouse Club along side Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling. They later on become rivals in the musical world and competed to be the best Pop Princess.

So when Christina started to sing she paused and laughed nervously but then she pulled up and did an almost accurate impression of Britney’s breathy voice typical of Britney’s style. It was so good that Jimmy had to stand up as he applauded her performance and laughed along. It was fun to watch how Christina imitated Britney so good and how funny “Little Piggy” sounded in Britney’s imitated voice. It sure was an awesome laugh.

Jimmy said he couldn’t top that and he couldn’t when he sang “Itsy Bitsy Spider” in Michael McDonald’s voice. The last performance was Christina imitating Shakira to the song she apparently goes to sleep to every night, Golden Girls theme. Christina sang in Shakira’s Columbian accented voice and Jimmy joined in. It was a phenomenal thing to watch and one must definitely look out for the stars’ reactions that were imitated.

Watch Christina Aguilera playing Wheel Musical Impressions on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Show.


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