Chromebook Users Offered Free Google Music

Chromebook Users Offered Free Google Music



Googles now offers a 60 days free trial of Google Play’s All Access music subscription service for select Chromebook owners.

Google Play Music All Access is a subscription based service that charges $9.99 per month. But now Google has a special offer for Chromebook owners. They can now get free access to Google’s music service.

But only selective Chromebook users will get to avail the opportunity. The rest can eat their hearts out! The All Access, Google Play’s music subscription service is yours for 60 days. And the cost is zero dollars. 

A new post on Google+ states, “We’ve got a special offer for select Chromebook owners – now you can try All Access, Google Play’s music subscription service, for 60 days free. Enjoy an ad-free library of 20 million songs instantly, or easily create a personalized radio station with no skip limits.”

A compendium of musical numbers that has no pesky advertisements on it will be yours for the time span of two months. The compilation contains 20 million songs which you can easily reach at the touch of a button by selecting from the menu. Furthermore, a customized radio station can be set in place too via this platform. 

Normally, the rate for Google Music service is approximately $9.99 on a monthly basis. But isn’t it better to be able to test it before you pay for it? Well, that is precisely the thing which is possible thanks to the Chromebook deal. The fact that Chromebook users are getting the opportunity of their dreams is a good thing indeed. 

The two months trial period is a far better chance to avail than the previous one month validation. It means that you now have double the duration to really peek into the recesses of the service and make your decision based on rational results. There will be no more choices that are supported by rash, spur-of-the-moment flukes. However, there is one proviso. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry qualifies for this service. Only those who have not previously tried the service window of trial testing are worthy of the deal. 

Furthermore, those who own an Acer AC6700, Google CR-48 or Samsung Series 5 Chromebook don’t make the grade. Sorry! But that’s the way things are. For those who want free service, they ought to sign in using their Google accounts. But they must have latest Chrome OS version installed on their Chromebooks. 

This special offer comes with Chromebook Goodies. Chromebook Goodies are the free services that comes along with new Chromebooks and Chrome OS. The Chromebook Goodies free services include Google Drive storage, and Gogo internet passes. And now Google Play Music All Access is also added in Chrome Goodies for free but only for 2 months.

After siging into your Google account, go to Google’s Chrome Goodies page. Click on Play Music All Access offer. And then follow the instructions for hour upon hour of dulcet notes that bring the ultimate peace of mind to your eardrums.

Remember, this offer is valid until September 30, 2014. Hurry up and get your 2 months free trail now.

How to get Chrome Goodies for your Chromebook? Learn here.

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