CIA Trying to Break the Security of Apple’s iPhones and iPads

CIA trying to break the Security of Apple’s iPhones and iPads

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The American Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, has been trying for years to break into Apple’s devices and now they have been successful.

It has been reported that the Central Intelligence Agency is working on stealing Apple’s secrets. Some big time documents were intercepted by The Intercept and those documents claimed that the researchers that are working with the CIA have been trying to break into Apple’s security. They want to break the security of Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

The security researchers gather for an annual meeting called Jamboree and in that meeting they discuss how they could exploit security flaws in household and commercial electronics. These meeting have been taking place before the iPhone was even introduced.

The researchers work on how they can exploit security flaws and then they present their ideas at this annual meeting. They do this by targeting security keys that are used to encrypt data which is stored on Apple’s devices.

There are millions of Apple users in the world and Apple has promised them that they will provide security to them. But the CIA has other ideas as they are trying to block the company’s attempts to provide security.  

CIA researchers study both non-invasive and physical techniques to counter security. The government sponsors them and they try to discover ways in which they can decrypt and then finally penetrate Apple’s encrypted firmware.

It would enable the CIA hackers to plant malicious code on the Apple devices and it would also seek out vulnerabilities in other parts of the iPhone and iPad which are masked by encryption.

When the CIA was asked about this, they declined to comment on the story. The documents also claimed that the researchers at CIA have made a modified version of Apple’s proprietary software development tool which is called Xcode. So the modified version of Xcode could enable these researchers to steal passwords and look at messages on devices that are infected.

Xcode can also force iOS apps to send embedded to data to a listening post. The CIA researchers also claimed that they successfully modified the OS X updater. So now CIA can get into your laptops and place key loggers. So any time you type your password, CIA will be getting that info.


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