Cisco to Acquire Tropo

  • Cisco Is Looking To Buy Tropo Communications

Cisco will definitely end up buying Tropo as they are looking to use its messaging, telephony and other communication tools in applications.

Whenever someone says the word Cisco, all of us think of the company as a networking equipment company. But you would be amazed to find out that Cisco also has a collaboration side and it includes WebEx. The company has announced its intent to buy Tropo in an official blog post.

Tropo is a communications company and Cisco is looking to use its messaging and telephony services in other apps. Now we all know that these days APIs are making things easier for a developer so that they could add a range of functionality to apps very quickly.

One of the functions that the developers loves to add to an app is the function of communication. Some analysts believe that the main reason why Cisco is buying Tropo is because it will give them an immediate access to 200,000 developers.

Currently Tropo is offering its products free of charge for the developers. They make money for each communication which is made through the Tropo platform. Many people are still unclear whether Cisco will use the same pricing model in Tropo once they acquire it.

Tropo will eventually join the Cisco Collaboration and Communication Group. Now Cisco will face the problem of integrating them into their large company. Cisco will also need to make them feel needed and they will have do that without alienating them.

This is one of the main problems when big companies buy smaller companies to work for them. IBM was also facing the same problem a year back when they bought AlchemyAPI. Cisco released a statement in which they said that together they will extend the Cisco platform to third party endpoints and apps.

They will use modern APIs and this will allow Cisco to better serve the developer community. Cisco believe that their only goal in all of this is to serve the developers with resources. This latest purchase will attract a lot of developers towards Cisco. Terms of deal between the two companies weren’t made public.

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