Clinton Foundation under Scrutiny over Alleged Tax Forms Evasion

Clinton Foundation under Scrutiny over Alleged Tax Forms Evasion

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Clinton Foundation admitted that they have not given the names of individual contributors under the Canadian and that has led to misplaced evaluation of money from program specific funds to go around the foundation.

Clinton Foundation founded by Hilary and Bill Clinton is a charitable organization. Operating on a worldwide scale on philanthropic projects, the organization has a variety of donors and contributors that donate large sums of money to the many projects of the foundation. 

When Hilary Clinton ran for Presidency, the organization has taken measures to disclose the lists of donors and funding on a quarterly basis to ensure transparency and insure the propriety of funds. The acting CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Maura Pally, wrote a blog post on Sunday for this purpose.

This was done to ensure that the money that has been donated by many of the donors on the useful projects such as fighting obesity by helping create healthier learning environments for more than 16 million students; to working to combat one of our greatest global threats, climate change; to lowering the price of lifesaving antiretroviral drugs that have benefited more than 9 million people fighting HIV/AIDS; one thing is clear, the Clinton Foundation has not been afraid to take on big challenges and see real results. 

One of such Projects was the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) is operating in Canada. The goal of the organization is to work on innovative ways for poverty alleviation. CGEP receives financial backing for projects from an independent Canadian charity called the ‘Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership’ based in Canada.

Founded by Frank Giustra, the Canadians support the initiative’s valuable work and receive a charitable tax credit. CGEP (Canada) provides funding on a project-by-project basis and this money goes exclusively to CGEP projects, not to the Foundation’s general operating fund.  

This year as the New York Times took notice of the quarterly report, it was revealed that the CGEP funds list held discrepancies. The name of the organizations funding the project was reveled but the names of individual donors and details of funds were not found. This was explained under the Canadian law which is said to receive the permission of the donor before revealing their identity. 

This attention to the foundation books led to another revelation that the organizations missing information has led them to compensate government funds for specific projects to general distribution over different projects.  Maura Pally, the organization’s CEO and senior vice president, women and youth programs, acknowledged their mistakes. She explained that an organization as big as Clinton Foundation can make mistakes sometimes and they have realized theirs.

She assured everyone that they will correct their errors as soon as possible with great care about the confidentiality of their donors where it is required. She said such steps were necessary in the Canadian Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership case not for avoiding transparency but to ensure the right of the donors as promised by their law.


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