Coffee Prevents Male Erectile Dysfunction

Coffee Offsets Male Erectile Dysfunction

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A new study finds that coffee has the chemical properties necessary to offset male erectile dysfunction.

Those male members who drank two to three cups of java a day had lower rates of erectile dysfunction than those who were caffeine teetotalers. Erectile dysfunction as everybody knows is the inability to have an erection while having sex.

It is an embarrassing problem in males and is a source of constant chagrin since most machismo males associate their sexual prowess with their virility and masculine identity. 

Erectile dysfunction is caused by many things. Insufficient nutrition, sedentary behavior, nicotine intake and liquor consumption have all been linked to the part-biological and part-psychological phenomenon.

Since erectile dysfunction is cardiovascular in nature and coffee is known to be good for heart health, those who love to enjoy a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning and several times a day /4/be saving their marital existence, according to a new study.

While few men in their young adulthood suffer from erectile dysfunction, less than half start faltering in the bedroom department by their middle age years. As for the senescent, a whopping 70% have given up the battle between the sheets.

Since the caffeine in coffee dilates blood vessels, it facilitates the expansion and relaxation of the arteries and smooth erectile muscles responsible for the tumescence of the penis in males. This effect is seen across the board and is thus even visible in men with hypertension or obesity. 

However, those males who were diabetic didn’t benefit from the extra cup of coffee in their life. It seems to be the case that diabetes has its own logic and causes erectile dysfunction. In fact, diabetes /4/be the single biggest disease factor responsible for erectile dysfunction.

While those who are not diabetic would probably improve their sex lives via a shot of coffee, it is unclear if taking up the caffeine addiction is a realistic venture. 

There are already so many studies linking coffee consumption to everything from cancer to jittery nerves and palpitations. Coffee causes insomnia especially in heavy drinkers. And once you are used to your caffeine fix, it is very hard to let go of the tenacious habit.

With mankind stuck on so many addictions such as white flour, white sugar, salt and ten thousand additives and preservatives in the food supply, to expect people to turn to coffee is to add to the addictive mess we are in rather than free us from its clutches.  

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