Cree announces WaveMax LED Lights for Futuristic Offices

Cree announces WaveMax LED Lights for Futuristic Offices

Credit: Cree
  • Cree Wants To Make Office Lights A Bit Better Looking

People who think that they are stuck with unsightly fluorescents at work have got some good news because Cree believes that they can make office lights less ugly.

LED lightning has come a great way. Now we can use tons of different types of LEDs in our houses. Now there is a new product from Cree in the LED department. They are using a new kind of optical technology to save people from the washed out grossness that plagues cubicles.

Their new LED series is called the LN series. These will be suspended LED tubes and are very similar to the fluorescent counterparts people are used to. So now LEDs will be an alternative to the incandescent bulbs.

Cree believe that the aesthetic benefits for these LEDs aren’t limited to the lights themselves. The LN lights look much better when compared with the buzzing overhead blocks. Cree VP for product strategy Gary Trott said that people can see those panels that come out to the side and go up at an angle.

He also said that those panels are about a quarter inch thin whereas the fluorescent fixture might be 3 to 4 inches deep. Gary said that it makes a far cleaner a more elegant look. These new LEDs serve a more practical purpose as well.

They direct the light upward and diffuse it across the ceiling. It doesn’t shine directly into a person’s eyes. If a company does not believe in cost effectiveness then they shouldn’t care about these LEDs.

If they don’t care about the aesthetics of the lights, they again shouldn’t care about these LEDs. All of us care about beauty of the lights, their effectiveness and of course their cost. This LED technology is cost effective and on the same time it will be serving the people in the right manner.

Gary Trott said that WaveMax allows people to have trifecta of benefits that hasn’t been possible before. You get control, efficiency and comfort. He said that this technology takes a more fine-tuned approach to light extraction.


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