Cynthia Lennon, First Wife of Beatles’ John Lennon dies

Cynthia Lennon, First Wife of Beatles’ John Lennon dies

Julian Lennon, son of musician John Lennon, and Lennon’s first wife Cynthia Credit: Getty Images

Cynthia Lennon is first wife of Beatles’ John Lennon. She died from cancer yesterday at the age of 75.

John Lennon’s first wife Cynthia Lennon passed away on Wednesday at the age of 75 years old at her home in Mallorca, Spain. Cynthia is survived by her only son Julian Lennon, who was fathered by John Lennon. The cause of her death was revealed to be cancer on the memorial website set up by her son. 

Cynthia Lennon had a troubled marriage with John Lennon and wrote two memoirs chronicling her marriage entitled, ‘A twist of Lennon’ and ‘John’. Previously Cynthia Powell met John Lennon when he was studying at the Liverpool College of Art in 1950’s. According to NYTimes, Cynthia described John as a total rebel while she was the proper English lady, a complete opposite to him.

After meeting John Cynthia ended her engagement to another man and started dating John for several years, during which time John showed his jealous and angry side. According to Cynthia she was once smacked in the face by John for dancing with someone else.

Cynthia Powell became pregnant in 1962 and married John Lennon to become Cynthia Lennon on the 23rd of August 1962, a few weeks before the first single ‘Love Me Do’ was recorded by the Beatles. Cynthia claimed she was not prepared for the fame of the Beatles. As the Beatlemania increased around the world Cynthia and John’s marriage deteriorated, with John on the road and Cynthia at home. 

John started resenting his homely wife and started a relationship with Yoko Ono, to which Cynthia was made aware of when she came home to find John and Yoko sitting cross legged in robes on the floor. Cynthia and John divorced in 1968 after which John cut off all contact with his wife and son.

In the final statement of her memoir ‘John’ Cynthia Lennon wrote if she knew what would falling for John Lennon entail she wouldn’t have looked at Lennon again a second time.


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