Dancing Korean Baby Video Goes Viral

Dancing Korean Baby Video Goes Viral

YouTube Video

A video clip of a dancing Korean baby has gone viral on YouTube. And it is a spectacle to watch indeed.

Psy /4/get his freak on with that irritatingly familiar Gangnam Style of his, but it is a new little wonder that has caught the attention of the Net media. 

Appearing in the #1 hit video clip on YouTube, the small dancing baby is a Korean and she sure knows how to shake that booty. The sweet sister’s dancing routine shook up the Inter-nuts who frequented YouTube. 

The video lasts almost a minute yet it shows the most amazing act on earth. The little girl and her equally minute brother start doing the boogie-woogie to a dance song that is playing in the background on a television set. 

The song was “I Got My Eye On You”. And while the brother performs half-heartedly, his sister sure knows how to shake, rattle and roll. Thanks to this tiny toddler, a novel dance move has just taken on new meaning for the people of not just South Korea but the entire world. 

The small girl gets close to the carpet and almost appears to pick up something with her legs and knees. Such sharp actions at such a young age are indeed a wonder to behold. 

It was the sweetest, cutest and most adorable act ever seen in the history of YouTube. At one point she nudges her brother to also dance since he is not giving the performance proper attention. 



The video clip is titled “What a dance by a chubby Korean baby!” and has almost 400,000 views. The video even invited comment from the legendary alternative rock band Aerosmith. 

They are currently on tour in Russia. Meanwhile, Psy’s Gangnam Style remains at the top spot. Yet, the question is for how long? Maybe the baby will overtake its popularity soon enough! Let’s wait and see!   

Source: Yahoo! News

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