Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 Recap

Dancing With the Stars: Week 8 Recap

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  • DWTS: Week 8 Paints a Portrait of Extreme Hotness

Week 8 of DWTS painted a portrait of extreme hotness as bodies slammed and waltzed with each other. The dancers proved that dance stands for freedom of expression and the cosmic play of forces.

The 20th Season and Week 8 of DWTS was something to gaze at in admiration alright. As figures that were fit as a fiddle shimmied and shook to the groovy music, the word “passion” took on a whole new meaning. The choices which were put up for voting this week were much better than last week’s choices which were pathetic.   

There were dancers who had to leave the platform and parting was such sweet sorrow. And there were those who got selected and stayed on and that was a relief. So where do we start.

We’re doing it your way, America! It’s America’s Choice night on #DWTS and it STARTS right NOW!Posted by Dancing with the Stars on Monday, /4/4, 2015

Well, Noah was a super star as he danced into the night. He made quite an impression on the audience members. Then Riker and Allison were fantastic too. They literally and figuratively set fire to the place. Desire burned strong between these two as they strutted their stuff before the dazed onlookers. 

Nastia, Derek and Sasha were looking confident as the depicted mythopoeic scenes of ancient warriors and bards. Their dance was of the Roman Saturnalia variety and it thoroughly amused everyone.

Rumer and Val were the hottest couple with tons of attraction between them. The really good thing was that they put up quite an act besides the choreographed moves that shone with brilliance. When Artem entered the scene the bullfighting sequence began in earnest and brought the house down. 

The first perfect score of the season!! Congrats, Rumer & Val! #DWTSPosted by Dancing with the Stars on Monday, /4/4, 2015

Riker returned with his triple body dance number which wowed the crowd which cheered him on along with his two female sidekicks. The man is a magical maniac alright who spins like a top on stage.

As for Derek Hough, he had incurred an injury yet he decided to give it a go. And it was a success. The slight wound never got in the way of his performance. One moment in the show which was strange was when Robert took to smooching every female onstage. 

Finally, Chris Soules, despite his less-than-admirable reputation, managed to look convincingly awesome this time around with his heartfelt rendition of a romantic dance. Two of the dancers wore penguin costumes in the last segment which led to many a grin and smirk. Rumer and Valentin were the highest scorers of this season.

Wishing a very happy birthday to Erin Andrews! Thanks for spending it with us at #DWTS.Posted by Dancing with the Stars on Monday, /4/4, 2015

DWTS Week 8 Score

The overall performance of the participants was above average and it was indeed a much more glamorous and glitzier show than the previous one. Three Cheers for DWTS! 

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