Danica McKellar marries Scott Sveslosky in Hawaii

Danica McKellar marries Scott Sveslosky in Hawaii

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  • Danica McKellar got married in a small ceremony.

Danica McKellar got married to her Fiancé Scott Sveslosky.

Danica McKellar and Scott Sveslosky recently tied knot in a small wedding ceremony. The wedding was arranged in Kauai, Hawaii on Saturday. Only 25 people from Danica’s family and close friends were invited to this wedding. This wedding took place on a beach in Hawaii. Danica looked really beautiful on her wedding day.

It was arranged early in the morning. Danica told People magazine that she was really excited for the ceremony. She further explained that both of them got married by 6:30 a.m. at the time of sunrise. She further added that it was a magical ceremony that made her heart melt.

There was a prediction of rain that morning from weather forecast. However the sun shone brightly on Saturday morning. Danica was seen walking on the aisle with her parents at her sides. She looked perfect on her wedding day. She wore a decent dress and her makeup was light which totally accentuated the early morning wedding.

She and Sveslosky got engaged in July. Sveslosky is a partner in an international law firm. Both of them were married before and then got divorced. Sveslosky has a son Hunter who is 10-year-old. Danica also has a son Draco who is 4-year-old.

Both children were present in this wedding ceremony. Danica revealed that both of them said their vows and then they both said their family vows to their children. They had written all the vows themselves. She said that they did another ceremony that day in which the four of them poured different colored sand in a vase. She told that they would put that vase in their home. 

There were many performances in that ceremony as well. McKellar’s mother is a professional dancer. She performed Hula dance on a famous Hawaiian song. Every guest in the wedding also did Hula dance for fun. McKellar also performed in the latest season of Dancing with the stars.

She and her husband took dance lessons for a ballroom dance to be held after their marriage. She said that their dance as husband and wife on reception was choreographed and was a waltz. They danced on “So this is Love”. She did many dips and lifts in that dance which she learned on the set of Dancing with the Stars. 

She was wearing a mermaid dress and was looking really pretty. She further included that dancing in her wedding dress was a challenge for her especially when she was supposed to do waltz. These Newlyweds will be spending their honeymoon in Hawaii. She said that it is beautiful place and they had so many plans to make it a memorable trip.

They are still on their trip enjoying their honeymoon. However this holiday will soon be over. McKellar will be presenting the American Music Awards on coming Sunday. The couple looks really happy after the wedding. They are spending all the time together to have the maximum they can get form this vacation.

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