Danny DeVito released One Direction Music Video ‘Steal My Girl’

Danny DeVito released One Direction's Steal My Girl Music Video

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The Steal My Girl music video by One Direction was directed by Danny DeVito. It featured sumo wrestlers and monkeys to boot.

One Direction has gone ahead and made its funkiest and most offbeat music video up until now. Titled Steal My Girl, it shows the band members emerging from their trailer and asking quizzically where their director is. One of them remarks that he is the topmost talent of his era before Danny DeVito appears in a red sports car. 

The diminutive actor then proceeds to lecture the boy band on why they were there in the first place. They were there in the name of art and to fulfil a higher purpose. Danny says that he’s taken a gander at the job the boy band has done and he knows that they can do better than that. He says that he is going to take them a notch higher and in the process they will take a barren desert and fill it with flowers. He finally asks them if they have any questions.  

The video then displays the five boys of the band taking on new names as they decide to rehaul their image. A series of huge balls filled with colorful powder are broken with a sledgehammer by one of the members. Together they spell out the word “inhibition”. The group is about to lose its inhibitions. 

A bunch of sumo wrestlers joins the group and dances with them. Then a posse of African tribal warriors come up and they too began to boogey woogey with the band members. Next up Danny and a band member along with a chimpanzee are shown together and they are all wearing shades. 

However, when PETA came to know of this, they sent a letter of complaint to the boy band saying that the chimps were subject to abuse by the trainer who had provided them for the band. The admin of PETA urged One Direction to delete the scenes showing the chimps from their video and to lend a certain percentage of the proceeds from their video to animal welfare charities. 

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