Dark Matter guides Growth of Black Holes

Dark Matter guides Growth of Black Holes

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  • The Inseparable Relationship between a Galaxy and its Black Hole

Scientists are currently studying in further detail the inseparable relationship between dark matter of a galaxy and supermassive black holes.

It is common knowledge among astronomers and astrophysicists that each galaxy in the universe has a black hole at its midpoint. And the further corollary to this is that the more massive the galaxy, the larger the black hole. What exactly is the connection between these two opposite entities.

The black hole is much smaller than the surrounding galaxy. The latest research into elliptical galaxies shows that the link is crucial since the shaping force of dark matter causes the formation of a black hole in the first place.

According to a new study by Harvard Smithsonian researchers, which was published in The Astrophysical Journal, the dark matter contained in a galaxy determines the size and gravitational force of its individual black hole. And although both factors are vastly different in their economies of scale, they have a decisive influence upon each other.

The universe shows a ratio of dark matter to ordinary matter that is 6:1. Dark matter, which cannot be seen unlike ordinary matter, is only detectable via its suction force. It is the very glue that keeps galaxies from exploding into chaotic smithereens.

On the edges of each galaxy is present this mysterious dark matter which weighs as much as gazillions of stars put together and spreads out for many light years till the farthest recesses of the universe. 

Scientists know this much, after the study of 3000 elliptical galaxies, that via the motion of these galaxies the weight of the black holes was discovered. The weight of the surrounding dark matter halo and the central black hole were correlated. And this link was stronger than the previous one between the galaxy and the black hole.

What this discovery shows is that when elliptical galaxies were formed, a strange and curious mixture of dark matter with normal matter came into being which dictated the properties of the galaxy. It is the dark matter which shapes the growth of the black hole.

The forces of attraction and repulsion work in tandem and perfect balance leading to the creation of a galaxy that has so many stars in it. Thus with this new postulate, the whole picture of the universe has changed.

The paradigm shift is encouraging since it shows us the mirror. We have a lot to salvage from the unknown yet. There are more things in heaven and earth than are to be found in our philosophy.       


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