Dark Matter is Not a Mirror Universe

Colliding Galaxies explain Nature of Dark Matter

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  • Colliding Galaxies explain Nature of Dark Matter

The latest evidence points towards the fact that colliding galaxies hint at other things. Such as that dark matter is not a mirror universe.

Scientists and astrophysicists have discovered that over 90% of matter is dark matter in the universe. This mysterious substance or rather anti-substance plays a crucial role when galaxies crash into each other at high speed. It’s indeed a chaotic process and everything merges into everything else in interpenetration.

There is a whirlwind of centrifugal and centripetal forces at work in the cosmic process of galactogenesis and systematic rearrangement of the universe’s components. While researchers have been observing these galaxy mergers since many years, now the latest technology allows them an even closer scrutiny into the role of dark matter in the whole process. And the statistical evidence leads up to a strange conclusion.

This is that the stars instead of shattering into each other seem to paradoxically dovetail in a neat and nifty manner. The erstwhile thought that galaxies exploded into each other like broken vases is gone with the wind. The gaseous matter in between does spread far and wide in an explosive manner though.  

The dark matter in all this seems to be acting like water and merging into itself. The saying that “water finds its own level” rings true here. More than two dozen galaxy clusters were observed in a precise manner.

The Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-Ray Observatory were employed for the purpose. While dark matter cannot be seen, its effects are visible. The gravity that it exerts pulls light thereby bending it in its direction.

The verdict reached was that dark matter does not behave like ordinary matter. It pretty much retain its shape and style. This of course lends credence to what dark matter is in the first place.

We all know that water and other liquids have a surface tension and droplets tend to coalesce into globules. Similarly, protons in an atom have the selfsame qualities. They too tend to merge. This has implications for previous theories which it casts doubt upon.

According to Space.com, the mirror universe theory of dark matter seems to have become defunct since there appears to be no more proof of there being a mirror universe. Dark matter is something just as mysterious as it was previously, but the relentless search for its nature and origins /4/have become quicker by many paces. 


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