David Ayer teases Jared Leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad

David Ayer teases Jared Leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad

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  • David Ayer shares a Jared Leto first exclusive photo as The Joker in Suicide Squad

Jared’s absence in the cast photograph by David Ayer caused a sensation and David made up for it by posting an exclusive photo of Jared as the Joker in an exclusive shot.

The cast of the latest super villain movie Suicide Squad gathered for their first reading and David Ayer preserved the moment and shared it with fans on his official page on Twitter. The picture featured  Will Smith, Joel Kinnaman, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, Adeleke Akinnuoye-Agbaje,  Scott Eastwood, Ray Olubowale, Jai Courtney , Viola Davis and others; all smiles for the camera.

There was one who seemed to be missing from the photo. The one guy who created a lot of excitement for joining up the Suicide Squad cast for one of the most historical super villains of all time; The Joker. 

Jared Leto was in fact missing from the cast shot and the fans picked up on that immediately. Under #WhereIsJared, fans began to speculate about where Jared might be and why he was not in the picture if he had in fact been there. Turns out that Jared was the one who was took the picture. So disappointment rang out for not getting a glimpse of the Oscar winning sensation in a new look. 

David Ayer knows what the fans crave and he posted a photo of Jared under #WhereIsJared. The photo features Jared with the signature Joker green hair and pale luminescent skin but that’s how his skin is so…but the shot featured Jared with a camera striking the same pose as the Joker as the cover of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s story “The Killing Joke”. The picture is a homage to the character’s one of the most prized appearances in the comic book. 

The picture has generated a lot of talk for Jared’s new look and his commitment in playing the character by dyeing his hair green and the rest of the makeup that will follow of course as long as he doesn’t actually cut a smile in his face.

The Suicide Squad is set to hit the theaters on August 5th, 2016 and features a group of super villains who are brought together to tackle high-risk black ops missions for the government. 



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