Delta’s Safety Video with Internet Memes Goes Viral

Delta's Safety Video with Internet Memes Goes Viral

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  • Delta Airlines Safety Precautions Aided Via Internet Meme Video
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The safety precautions enforced by Delta Airlines were aided via an Internet meme video. The most salient internet memes were culled from cyberspace, where anything is possible, and brought into the context of the visual safety lesson.

Delta Airlines has done something for which everyone ought to be proud of them. The execs of the air transport system have compiled or rather collated a series of video images that show safety procedures for usage on board their airplanes. This is explicitly for passenger protection and the smooth flow of protocol in flight conditions. 

But what is this?! This video was made showing the most visible viral memes on the Internet. These include: a white goat that turns its munching mouth here and there and everywhere, a talking orange that is sly and clever in its delivery lines, an air hostess named Deltalina who wags her finger at the passengers when they engage in something out of line and the Roomba cat with its wild and woolly ways.  

This is not where the story ends of course. There are a million other characters who play crucial roles in the movie that is hilarious and informative at one and the same time. These are welcomed by the administration of Delta Airlines since the lighter side of life will force travelers to learn despite their stubborn nature which often ignores safety rules.  

The Harlem Shake with Miss Carolina among the dancers, an experiment with Mentos in Coke liter bottles where the liquid soft drink shoots up like a volcano, a kid with an oxygen mask who says that someone bit his finger and many more funny video clips compose the gist of the safety instruction tutorial of sorts. The rainbow guy who places the multi-colored bows with the pot of gold at their end in the cabinets overhead is another permanent fixture in the video images. 

Finally, there is the dancing triplets and a dancing baby too. These humanized forms of humor swing to the beat of music and inform the passengers in a more merry vein about the ABCs of safe transit through the air. All the favorite memes of people are gathered under one roof and they provide quality entertainment and fun-filled infotainment to boot. 

It is indeed quite a different take on an otherwise serious subject. While indifference to safety precautions while aboard an airline /4/spell the difference between life and death for many, this visual and graphic portrayal of rule-following for the Average Joe or Jane will get the job done without the scare tactics employed in the past. 

Watch below Delta Airlines’ comic new in-flight safety video that is filled with best internet memes.

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