Divorced to have more Heart Attacks

Divorced to have more Heart Attacks
  • Divorced People are more prone to heart attacks than people who are married or even re-married.

In a research conducted, it was found out that people who are divorced are more prone to heart attacks and the rate is more prevalent in women than men

In a research conducted by American Heart Association titled ‘Association Between Divorce and Risks for Acute Myocardial Infarction’ was conducted by Matthew E. Dupre, PhD, Linda K. George, PhD, Guangya Liu, PhD and Eric D. Peterson, MD, MPH.

The study found out that divorced people were more prone to heart attack. The reason is that chronic stress, linked to divorce, had a long-term impact on the body. The effect is comparable to the affinity for heart attacks after the death of a loved one.

In a longitudinal study from 1992 to 2010, it was found out that almost one in three people are divorced at least once in their lifetime. Other than that women who were divorced were more prone to having heart attacks than men.

Women who divorced once were 24% more likely to have had a heart attack in the study than women who were continuously married. The figure was 77% for those having multiple divorces. In men, there was a modest 10% extra risk for one divorce and 30% increase after multiple divorces.

In another research it was found that women were harder to remarry than men. Men are quick to recover, remarry and accept a new spouse than women are. That is why their stress is more than men, hence they are more likely to have heart attacks than men. 


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