Downton Abbey is coming back Stronger and Better for its 6th Season

Downton Abbey is coming back Stronger and Better for its 6th Season

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  • ITV and PBS are looking forward to feature the show.
  • Lord Fellowes is already coming up with the new story and predicts more shenanigans in the upcoming season.

Shooting of sixth season will start early next year.

For a show that was not expected to run for whole five seasons…the historic drama just announced its return for the sixth season. Downton Abbey has got a vowing viewership of 10.4 million in UK on ITV and 13.2 millions in US on PBS.

It’s great news for the US viewers who have not even started watching the fifth season yet. The fifth season is already being broadcasted on ITV in the UK. Downton Abbey current seaon’s last episode will be premiered on Nov. 9 in UK whereas it doesn’t premiere in US till Jan. 4. 

The show has had amazing commercial success and it was a definite shoo-in for the Emmys along with Sherlock. It didn’t win but it showed how far the show has come. Not only has the actors gotten better, the storyline has gotten bolder and better as well.

“We have had an amazing reaction to the story lines, acting and production values of Downton Abbey this year and the whole team is thrilled to be moving ahead with a new season of the show,” Gareth Neame, executive producer of Downton Abbey, said in a statement. “This will provide audiences with a fresh opportunity to see what will befall our much loved characters.”

The key according to the critics is story-telling. Downton Abbey has made history in story telling. A compelling story has been featured on screen starting from 1912.

“At its heart, television is about storytelling, and Downton Abbey is certainly storytelling at its finest. Downton Abbey and the Crawley family have kept us on the edge of our seats as they navigate through some of the biggest moments of the 20th century,” Paula Kerger, President and CEO of PBS, said in a statement. “Along with our member stations, PBS can’t wait to share the next season of Downton drama with our audiences.”

Maggie Smith voiced her concerns about the not so convincing aging of the characters. She plays Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham on the show. She said that her character has got to be 169 years old by now and its time she died. We sure hope not. Maggie Smith is the greatest actresses on TV right now, hands down.

“In my heart of hearts, I can’t see it going more than two more,” Allen Leech, Branson on Downton Abbey, told E! News.

“I think the period of time we want to tell, we’re coming to the end that us as actors we can keep playing these characters. Maggie Smith turned to me on one of our last days of filming this season and said, ‘I must be 196 years old by now. What’s in the water here?'” Leech recalled in an amazingly accurate impersonation of the acting legend. “I said, ‘I don’t know, Maggie,’ and she goes, ‘It’s ridiculous. I should have been dead years ago.'”

Lord Fellowes has already started with the writing for the sixth seasons. He said that the show should continue for two more seasons. That would be plausible of viewers want to watch an old dying cast.

Fellowes is preparing to write for a US drama and the cast is being approached to work in Hollywood. This only shows for the success of the show. With the cast deciding to go off, it is really daring for the producers to start the sixth season. The season will start shooting next year.

We definitely want to see more of the 20th century drama and the news is but great for us. 

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