DWTS: Derek Hough won’t Let an Injury Slow him Down

DWTS: Derek Hough won't Let an Injury Slow him Down

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Even though Derek Hough is not ready to get up he’s not slowing down!

On the recent episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Derek Hough performed while sitting. 29 years old Hough had broken a toe on his right foot and his left ankle had been sprained last week during a rehearsal for DUWTS on the 20th of April. While Derek recovers his place was taken by Sasha Farber to dance with his partner Nastia Liukin. 

Liukin recently revealed to PEOPLE that it is not yet confirmed if Derek will be able to dance soon but he will still remain a part of the rehearsals as Derek needs to be in L.A. for his physiotherapy.

After his diagnosis Derek hatched a plan for the Monday night performance by involving a setting consisting of a subway and benches so all three of them could sit there. The theme for the current week is ‘Era’s Night’. 

Although Farber and Liukin were the ones going to dance on feet Derek put together the choreography as much as he could. Derek even sang and his partner Liukin joked he was doing more now that he was injured than when he was not, but the trio claim the entire effort ultimately turned out to be fun. 

Farber shared he does not mind taking a back seat when Derek plans the routines as it is essentially Derek’s team and Farber is just grateful for the opportunity to be part of the team as it isn’t only two people involved in a dance anymore Derek is also there constantly putting in effort for the dancers to win.

Derek was also supposed to appear and perform in the New York Spring Spectacular at Manhattan’s Radio City Music Hall, however his understudy will take over the role until Derek recovers from his injuries. 


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