Ebola Travel Ban /4/Lead To New Problems

Ebola Travel Ban /4/lead to New Problems

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The travel ban imposed due to the outbreak of the Ebola virus /4/lead to new problems arising on the scene.

While the United States government has its alternatives, which include a stay order against Ebola sufferers entering the country from West Africa, these won’t make an iota of difference as far as preventative measures are concerned. The deadly virus will still make its way to the shores of the US of A willy-nilly. 

In fact, matters could become even more complex thanks to these prophylactic steps. Many prominent people in the USA have urged President Obama to limit the citizens of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone from entering the premises of the nation. 

And although a complete quarantine of the dwellers of these countries would be impractical indeed, the termination of lending new visas is a more realistic goal. 

However, even such seemingly feasible plans have their drawbacks. The problem could get exacerbated thanks to this stoppage of the flow of citizens from these nations.   

One representative spoke of how there was general agreement over the fact that something needed to be done to stem the tide of people coming in from these countries. 

However, it was a very delicate matter and the danger of unintended consequences from these supposedly straight-faced actions was very high. A few politicians are saying that bans should be imposed on anyone from these three countries except for American aid workers. 

Others say that while members of these countries ought to be allowed to enter the United States, they should be placed under three week quarantine. No flights come directly from the three African countries, but indirect flights do arrive regularly. 

The major issue that Americans are facing is whether these people ought to be allowed into their country or not? Over 66% of Americans believe that restrictions ought to be imposed no matter what. 

But, there is the conundrum of airlines that have their schedules and groups of people that have to travel between different countries. These two could face a major overhaul if Uncle Sam takes the big step of halting immigration from West Africa. 

After all, no one can isolate an entire country from a couple of other countries. It reeks of racism and exclusivity, which happen to be the very root causes of terrorism.   

Source: WSJ

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